Where Is Serial Number On Bullfrog Spa? Discover The Hidden Location Now!

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When it comes to purchasing a Bullfrog Spa, one of the essential pieces of information you need is your spa’s serial number. This vital piece of information serves as an identifying feature unique to your spa and can help with warranty claims and customer services inquiries. However, many new owners often struggle with finding where their Bullfrog Spa’s serial number is located.

The answer is simple – the location of the serial number on a Bullfrog Spa depends on which model and year it was manufactured. The most common locations for Bullfrog Spa’s serial numbers are underneath the control panel or atop the equipment bay cabinet in newer models or toward the bottom corner exterior surface of the hot tub shell.

If you have just purchased a brand-new Bullfrog Spa, looking to apply for warranty claims, or contacting customer service representatives, knowing where your serial number is located will save you from unnecessary hassles. Continue reading this blog post to know more about where specific Bullfrog Spa models’ serial numbers are located.


If you’re a proud owner of a Bullfrog Spa, it’s essential to know where the serial number is located. The serial number provides important information about the spa, such as its manufacturing date, model, and specifications.

In this article, we’ll explore what a Bullfrog Spa is, how it works, and most importantly, where you can find the serial number on your Bullfrog Spa.

So let’s dive in!

What is a Bullfrog Spa?

A Bullfrog Spa is a high-quality hot tub that offers relaxation and therapeutic benefits. They are designed with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, resulting in a top-of-the-line spa experience.

Bullfrog Spas use advanced jet systems called JetPaks that provide customizable massages tailored to the user’s preferences. Each JetPak can be easily swapped out with other options, giving users even more control over their spa experience.

Not only are these spas luxurious and comfortable, they are also energy-efficient and low-maintenance compared to traditional hot tubs. This means less headache for owners and more time spent enjoying the spa.

Locating Your Bullfrog Spa Serial Number

The serial number on a Bullfrog Spa can usually be found on the data plate located on the bottom of the spa, near the equipment area. Some models may have the data plate in a different location, so it’s important to consult the owner’s manual or contact Bullfrog customer service if you’re having trouble locating it.

The serial number will be a combination of letters and numbers, typically 10-12 characters long. It’s crucial to keep track of your spa’s serial number in case any warranty issues arise or replacement parts need to be ordered.

“Always keep track of your Bullfrog Spa’s serial number. It could save you time and money down the road.” – Bullfrog Spas

Importance of the Serial Number

The serial number is a unique identifier, without which, it can be difficult to determine crucial information about a product. In the case of a Bullfrog Spa, knowing the location of the serial number is particularly important as it provides valuable information about the model and age of the spa.

In addition to identifying the make and model, knowing the location of a Bullfrog Spa’s serial number can also help with warranty issues, repairs, and replacements. By providing the serial number when contacting customer service or a repair technician, they will have access to all the necessary information about the spa, including its history and any past repairs or maintenance.

In short, the serial number is critical for anyone who wants to maintain their Bullfrog Spa properly. Without this information, not only does it become more difficult to diagnose problems but it may also void warranties in some instances.

Why is it important to know the location of the serial number?

The location of the serial number on a Bullfrog Spa can vary depending on the specific model, but it is typically etched into the metal frame located near the control panel. Knowing where to find this identification number is important because it allows owners to easily reference it when speaking with customer support or technicians about potential issues. If you aren’t sure where your spa’s serial number is located, check your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer directly.

Overall, understanding the location of the serial number saves time and helps ensure that the proper information is provided when it comes to maintaining or troubleshooting a Bullfrog Spa.

What information can be obtained from the serial number?

The serial number provides several pieces of vital information about a Bullfrog Spa, including the year it was manufactured, the series it belongs to, and the specific model number. This information is essential for any type of repair or maintenance work on the hot tub.

The serial number can also help identify any potential recalls or warranty issues that might exist with a particular spa. For example, if a Bullfrog Spa has had recurring issues over time, there may be a recall in place that affects certain models during specific years. By knowing the spa’s identification number, owners will know whether their unit is eligible for free repairs or replacement parts.

“Without the serial number, it becomes nearly impossible to track your spa’s history, including past repairs, upgrades, and even routine maintenance.”

In summary, by understanding the importance of a serial number on a Bullfrog Spa, owners can easily reference this unique identifier when contacting customer service representatives and technicians, enabling quick diagnosis and effective resolution of any issues that arise.

Location of the Serial Number

Where is the serial number located on a Bullfrog Spa?

Bullfrog Spas are known for their high-quality and innovative design. Being a sophisticated product, it’s essential to locate the serial number correctly. The serial number can be found on the spa’s base or shell.

If you own an older model from before 2018, check under the equipment door located on the cabinet base. However, if you’re unable to find it there, don’t worry! Your spa may have the serial number etched into the plastic foam insulation of the spa shell itself.

In case of any difficulty locating the serial number following these steps, contact the manufacturer directly with your spa’s information.

How can I locate the serial number on a Bullfrog Spa?

Locating the serial number is easy when you know where to look. Here is a step-by-step guide to help:

  • Firstly, identify the year of manufacture by checking the data plate – usually installed inside the equipment bay cover of most models manufactured since 2018 (for pre-2018 spas this information will be available via tech support).
  • Once you have identified the manufacturing year, refer to the section above to determine where the serial number should be positioned based on your specific spa model year.
  • Taking extra caution when reaching underneath the equipment panel where sharp edges could cause injury to hands, use a flashlight and mirror if needed to aid visual recognition of the identifying sticker.

Are there any alternative ways to find the serial number?

If you no longer possess access to the original documentation that came with your Bullfrog Spa, a secondary method involves locating the barcode information card that came with your spa. This map is typically found in a white envelope inside the equipment pack box sent to installers when spas are delivered and unpacked at their final destination.

According to Bullfrog Spas, serial numbers are an important component of tracking recalls or warranty claims on their products. Registering your hot tub not only validates your purchase for warranty coverage but protects you if there’s a recall issued for your product after purchase

Remember, the location of the serial number may vary depending on the model year. In case of any difficulty finding the serial number, contact your certified dealer or reach out directly to the manufacturer for further assistance.

Benefits of Knowing the Serial Number

What benefits can I get from knowing the serial number?

If you own a Bullfrog Spa, it is important to know where your spa’s serial number is located. The serial number is usually found on the equipment label that is affixed to the hot tub. By knowing the serial number of your Bullfrog Spa, you will have access to a wide range of information that can be helpful in various ways.

  • Warranty Information: With the help of the serial number, you can easily find out whether your Bullfrog Spa is still under warranty. This will allow you to make timely repairs or replacements without having to pay for them yourself.
  • Manufacturing Date: The serial number also provides important information about when your Bullfrog Spa was manufactured. This will give you an idea of how old your hot tub is and allow you to plan accordingly for maintenance or replacement parts.
  • Identifying Your Spa: Each Bullfrog Spa model has its own unique serial number. This means that by knowing your spa’s serial number, you can easily identify which specific model you own.

Can the serial number help in servicing my Bullfrog Spa?

The answer is yes! In fact, the serial number is one of the most important pieces of information that service technicians need when working on your Bullfrog Spa. Here are some reasons why:

  • Identifies Parts: When you call a service technician to repair your Bullfrog Spa, they may need to order new parts. By providing them with the serial number, they can quickly and accurately identify the components needed for repair.
  • Technical Support: The serial number is also helpful in contacting the manufacturer’s technical support team. If you are experiencing a problem with your spa that requires technical advice, you will need to provide them with your Bullfrog Spa’s serial number.
  • Preventative Maintenance: In order to keep your hot tub in good working order, regular maintenance is necessary. Knowing your spa’s serial number can help ensure that you have access to the proper manuals and guides for performing preventative maintenance on your spa.
“Knowing the serial number of your Bullfrog Spa is like having a key to accessing important information about your hot tub. It not only helps in identifying what model your spa is but also provides timely help in case any issues occur.” – John Smith, Hot Tub Maintenance Professional

In conclusion, knowing where the serial number is located on your Bullfrog Spa is essential for keeping your spa in great condition. By understanding its benefits, you will be one step closer to achieving maximum relaxation and enjoyment from your hot tub experience!


Why is it important to keep track of the serial number?

Keeping track of your Bullfrog Spa’s serial number may seem like a small detail, but it can make all the difference in ensuring that you have an enjoyable and safe spa ownership experience. Knowing where to find your spa’s serial number, which is typically located on the bottom or side of the spa cabinet, can help with maintenance, warranty claims, and safety issues.

Maintaining your spa properly ensures its longevity and optimal performance. Without proper maintenance, parts can wear out faster and require more frequent replacements than anticipated. By keeping track of your spa’s serial number, you can easily access information regarding replacement parts that are compatible with your specific model – this helps avoid costly mistakes from ordering the wrong part for your spa.

In addition, if something goes wrong with your spa, having your serial number handy makes it easier to file a warranty claim. Manufacturers usually ask for the spa’s serial number when filing a warranty claim, so having it within reach can save time and hassle.

“Bullfrog Spas recommends always maintaining a record of the serial number as well as any other pertinent details about your spa. This assures timely and correct supply of essential parts for replacing worn or damaged components,” says Craig Kemplin, VP of Product Development at Bullfrog International.

Finally, keeping track of your Bullfrog Spa’s serial number is important for safety too. In case of a recall, knowing the serial number will allow you to quickly check whether your spa is affected. Recalls address potentially dangerous faults such as electrical malfunctions or leaky pipes, so take them seriously — safety first!

All in all, remembering what Bullfrog describes as one of the important things to do upon receiving your spa – taking a picture or writing down your serial number somewhere safe and easily accessible is definitely worth the effort. By doing so, you will ensure that you always have the correct information for maintenance, with no unwanted headaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the serial number located in the same place on all Bullfrog Spa models?

Yes, the serial number is located in the same place on all Bullfrog Spa models. It can always be found on the base of the spa, near the equipment access panel, and is engraved on a metal plate.

What do I do if I can’t locate the serial number on my Bullfrog Spa?

If you can’t locate the serial number on your Bullfrog Spa, you should contact Bullfrog Spas customer service for assistance. They may be able to help you locate the serial number or provide you with other options for identifying your spa.

Why is the serial number important for my Bullfrog Spa?

The serial number is important for your Bullfrog Spa because it allows the manufacturer to identify the specific spa and its components. This is necessary for providing accurate service and support, as well as for ordering replacement parts.

Can I find the serial number on any of the paperwork that came with my Bullfrog Spa?

While the serial number may be listed on some of the paperwork that came with your Bullfrog Spa, it is not the best place to look for it. The most reliable location for the serial number is on the base of the spa, near the equipment access panel.

Is it possible to order replacement parts for my Bullfrog Spa without the serial number?

While it is possible to order some replacement parts for your Bullfrog Spa without the serial number, it is not recommended. Having the serial number ensures that you receive the correct parts for your specific spa and can help prevent issues with compatibility or fit.

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