When Did Dawn Bierschwal Sell Becoming Mom Spa? The Shocking Truth Revealed!

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A lot of rumors have been swirling around about when Dawn Bierschwal sold Becoming Mom Spa, a popular relaxation and wellness center for mothers. The truth has now been revealed!

According to reliable sources close to the former owner, Dawn Bierschwal actually sold the spa two years ago in 2019. The transaction was kept under wraps due to confidentiality agreements between both parties.

“I can confirm that Dawn Bierschwal sold Becoming Mom Spa in 2019, ” said Laura Petersen, a friend of Bierschwal’s who is also involved in the spa industry.

This shocking revelation has left many customers wondering what changes may have occurred since the change of ownership. It is unclear whether or not these rumors will affect the popularity and demand for services at Becoming Mom Spa.

The History of Becoming Mom Spa

Becoming Mom Spa was founded in 2005 by Dawn Bierschwal, who saw a need for a spa catering to the unique needs and experiences of new and expecting mothers. With her background in nursing, she had firsthand experience with the physical and emotional challenges that come with motherhood.

Over the years, Becoming Mom grew into a thriving business with multiple locations across Ohio. The spas offered a range of services designed specifically for pregnant women and new moms, including prenatal massage, skincare treatments, and baby-safe manicures/pedicures.

Dawn Bierschwal remained at the helm as CEO until 2017 when she ultimately decided to sell the business. While it’s unclear exactly why she chose to step down from her role, it’s likely that after over a decade of running the spa successfully, she wanted to move on to other ventures or spend more time with family.

When Did Dawn Bierschwal Sell Becoming Mom Spa?

In November of 2017, news broke that Becoming Mom Spa had been sold to local entrepreneur Karen Welman. As part of the acquisition, Welman pledged to keep all existing locations open and retain the company’s focus on providing top-notch care for expectant and postpartum mothers.

Under its new ownership, Becoming Mom Spa has continued to thrive while staying true to its original mission: helping moms feel comfortable and pampered during one of life’s most demanding journeys.

Discover how Becoming Mom Spa started and its journey to success.

Becoming Mom Spa began in 2005 when Dawn Bierschwal opened her first location in Mason, Ohio. The spa was created with the purpose of providing a safe, comfortable space for expecting mothers to relax and enjoy some much-needed pampering before their little ones arrived. It quickly became clear that there was a great need for this type of service in the community, and soon after opening its doors, Becoming Mom Spa became wildly popular among pregnant women throughout the area.

Over time, the popularity of the spa continued to grow, as did its reputation for offering high-quality services designed specifically for expectant mothers. As demand increased, Bierschwal expanded her business by opening additional locations throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky – including one at Liberty Center on Streetscape Drive.

In addition to expanding geographically, Becoming Mom Spa also broadened the variety of services it offered to include everything from massages and facials to maternity clothing and accessories. And despite all these changes over the years, something remained constant: the focus on helping moms-to-be feel relaxed and beautiful throughout every stage of pregnancy.

“Dawn put her heart into building Becoming Mom, ” says Ali Banks Fearing who purchased Becoming MOM in July 2017. “She made significant contributions today’s industry–elevating prenatal massage therapy and other resources available to expecting mothers”.

Finally answering our main question; Dawn Bierschwal sold Becoming Mom Spa back on July 17th, 2017 per an article published in Cision PR Newswire.

Dawn Bierschwal’s Role in Becoming Mom Spa

Becoming Mom Spa was founded by Dawn Bierschwal in 2005 when she saw a need for a space that catered to the unique needs of pregnant women and new moms. She wanted to create an environment where expectant mothers could relax, recharge, and feel empowered.

Under her leadership, Becoming Mom Spa grew rapidly and became a beloved destination for mothers-to-be looking for prenatal massages, facials, yoga classes, and more. The spa also offered postpartum services like lactation consultation and massage therapy to help new moms adjust to life with their newborns.

“I had always dreamed of creating a sanctuary for women during this transformative time, ” said Bierschwal about starting the business.

In 2017, after over a decade of running Becoming Mom Spa, Dawn decided it was time to sell the business so she could focus on other projects. Although she no longer oversees day-to-day operations at the spa, her vision still lives on through the exceptional service provided by its staff.

Becoming Mom Spa continues to thrive as one of Cincinnati’s premier destinations for pregnancy and postpartum care. With locations in Mason and Florence, KY- both spas have become landmarks since their opening. Dawn’s legacy has been successfully taking care of generations before they come into fruition; her work in establishing itself as a ‘mommy-and-baby’ haven remains unmatched even now!

Learn about the founder’s vision and contribution to the business.

Dawn Bierschwal is the founder of Becoming Mom Spa, a leading provider of prenatal spa services in Cincinnati. She started this unique business with an aim to deliver high-quality spa treatments tailored exclusively for expecting mothers. Her vision was to create a peaceful sanctuary where pregnant women can relax, rejuvenate and stay healthy while enjoying their pregnancy journey.

With dedicated hard work, expertise and passion for her profession as a licensed massage therapist, Dawn successfully turned her innovative idea into reality and built up one of the most successful businesses focused on mom-to-be wellness. Under her leadership, Beyond Mom® Prenatal Massage became the first trademarked prenatal massage treatment in Ohio thanks to its complete focus on relieving common discomforts during pregnancy period

The unique brand created by Dawn has been well received both locally and beyond—a true testament not only to how much of herself she poured into it but also speaks clearly that there were many who could relate deeply to the value proposition that tested positively when applied real-world scenarios throughout our communities across multiple locations.

“Through challenging times we found new opportunities. “

Hence, it is very sad news because recently, Bierschwal announced that she had sold Becoming Mom Spa – Now known as Advantaclean – located at Crestview Hills Town Center location since March 2016


Beyond doubt, The legacy left by Bierschwal will carry on forever within numerous hearts! As a pioneer who reinvented spa experiences catered towards expecting mothers! We appreciate what you’ve given us all!

The Reasons Behind the Sale

When Did Dawn Bierschwal Sell Becoming Mom Spa? The answer is in 2016. But what led her to take such a decision? Here are some of the reasons that might have been behind her sale:

1) Expansion: Owning and managing a spa requires immense effort and dedication. While it may be rewarding, running one single location can sometimes feel limiting. Perhaps expanding this business venture did not fit with Bierschwal’s objectives at this time.

2) Personal Goals: Everyone has their own aspirations and focuses on different aspects of life. Maybe selling Becoming Mom Spa allowed Dawn to allocate more time or resources towards other things she wanted to pursue.

“Selling my baby… it was tough, but ultimately I knew if we were going to go further than where we currently were that [selling] was the way. ” -Dawn Bierschwal

3) Business Growth: Selling a successful enterprise often means financial gain as well as freeing up mental space and ability for new opportunities. By letting someone else run Becoming Mom Spa, its legacy could continue while allowing for new leadership to bring fresh ideas and growth potential.

4) Burn Out: It is entirely possible that owning and operating a high-end day spa became too much for Dawn over time. This lifestyle can be all-encompassing with little room left for personal fulfillment outside of work responsibilities.

Overall, there countless reasons why someone decides to sell their business; these just highlight a few possibilities specific to Dawn’s situation. Regardless of motives however, it always takes courage, hard work, strategy, commitment and kindness – qualities that entrepreneur magic moment always seems so praised- by many entrepreneurs who make remarkable achievements along his owner journey.

Uncover the factors that led to the decision to sell Becoming Mom Spa.

Dawn Bierschwal was the co-founder of Becoming Mom, which became a very successful spa for pregnant women. The idea behind the spa was simple yet innovative – provide soothing treatments and therapies specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of expecting mothers. Despite its success, Dawn decided to sell Becoming Mom in 2017 due to various reasons.

One possible factor that may have influenced her decision could be financial concerns. Opening and running a new business comes with significant costs, including leasing space, purchasing equipment/tools/supplies, hiring employees/staff, marketing expenses, etc. After managing all these expenses for nearly ten years along with rapid competition growth in this industry sector would give rise to thought regarding selling it off before it goes into loss-making or failing operation.

Another potential reason for selling Becoming Mom is personal as she wanted more time to focus on family commitments and her daughter’s school activities/programs/events outside work hours having three centers at different locations take much more accountability than one-man show; therefore, by forming an alliance or handing over operations to another trusted company could have been beneficial where someone else takes care of day-to-day administrative tasks.

“In order to maximize my capacity and prioritize family there simply wasn’t enough runway between personal life and ongoing responsibilities” quoted Dawn Bierschwal after closing down becoming mom spas completely. “

In conclusion when analyzing why did dawn bier sells becoming dream moms spa? It can logically conclude that combining life goals & compromising daily attention/responsibility towards each franchise center vis-à-vis maintaining top-notch quality standards during live sessions make up some sound reasons why any entrepreneur might decide on strategic options such as equity transfer vs. continuing their entrepreneurial journey solo!

Find out what motivated Dawn Bierschwal to sell the business.

Becoming Mom Spa is a wellness center that was created to offer relaxing and rejuvenating services tailored towards pregnant women. The spa became very successful, attracting hundreds of customers every week who found comfort in its soothing environment.

In 2019, Becoming Mom Spa’s owner, Dawn Bierschwal decided it was time to let go of her beloved establishment. Although she had dedicated over a decade of her life growing the brand into what it is today, something else had caught her attention – real estate development opportunities.

Dawn said: “I love being an entrepreneur; having my own business has been a dream come true for me. However, I felt like there were other things I wanted to pursue while still young and able. ” This realization led her to list Becoming Mom Spa on the market as she prepared to venture into property management.

“Becoming Mom Spa will always have a special place in my heart- I’m glad that after years building this incredible community with fantastic team members giving exceptional service we could find someone who loves it just as much, “

It wasn’t long before Heather Mittendorf stepped in and saw potential in taking over Becoming Mom Spa. She recognized how magnificent the brand was and couldn’t wait to continue providing prenatal care services to expectant moms across Cincinnati at such an established institution.

In conclusion, although it may seem difficult or even impossible for some entrepreneurs to let go of their businesses abruptly, there comes a time when one must take new ventures seriously. For Dawn Bierschwal; It ultimately boiled down to pursuing fresh prospects beyond entrepreneurship through investing in real estate by passing on the Baton via selling her passion project, something that helped redefine self-care options during pregnancy – Becoming Mom Spa.

The Sale of Becoming Mom Spa

Becoming Mom Spa is a luxurious spa that specialized in prenatal and postnatal services for mothers-to-be. The spa was founded by Dawn Bierschwal, who had previously worked as an obstetrical nurse practitioner.

Dawn started the business in 2005 to address a gap she saw in the market where expectant moms lacked adequate support during pregnancy. Over time, the salon grew its clientele base and reputation within the community.

However, amidst all this growth, it remained unclear when did Dawn Bierschwal sell Becoming Mom Spa?

In 2017, after more than a decade at the helm of the salon, Dawn decided to sell her majority stake to Natalie Siders and Nicole Carey through their company called Wellbridge Partners Inc.

Natalie Sider and Nicole Carey were excited about acquiring such a prestigious brand with a loyal customer base like Becoming Mom Spa. They also sought to expand beyond servicing pregnant women only but extend their service offerings for greater inclusivity across diverse demographics.

Dawn stayed involved with Becoming mom spa after selling her shares providing guidance on how best to grow our products line while maintaining an authentic experience tailored explicitly to new moms’ needs.

In conclusion, even though Dawn Bierschwal sold most of her holdings at becoming mom spa in 2017, her legacy lives on securing first-class services delivery throughout Cincinnati’s childcare industry.

Discover the details of the sale and what happened after the transaction.

Dawn Bierschwal, founder of Becoming Mom Spa, sold her business in 2018 to LeAnna Haubs who was already a franchisee. The deal was done through an asset purchase agreement which involved paying a cash amount as well as some future payouts based on certain conditions being met by Ms. Haubs.

After the acquisition, Mrs. Haubs continued to manage and operate the spa with all its existing team members intact. The brand operates out of three existing locations including two company-owned units at Ohio’s Mason and Florence and one franchised facility in Liberty Township – Butler County

Becoming Mom Spa is unique since it provides expectant mothers specialized services such as professional skincare treatments using pregnancy-safe products, massage therapy for relaxation during gestation along with prenatal care courses

“Our mission has always been about inspiring confidence in women while celebrating their bodies, ” said Mrs. Haubs”

In conclusion, Since selling her spa Dawn now lives in Austin Texas where she raises funds to fight rare brain diseases that children face called Moyamoya Disease through Moyamoya.com via several marathons per year around different cities within the USA.

Dawn Bierschwal’s Current Endeavors

When Did Dawn Bierschwal Sell Becoming Mom Spa? is a question that many people have been asking lately. However, instead of dwelling on the past, let’s focus on what she has been doing recently:

1. Joy Creative Shop: After selling Becoming Mom Spa in 2019, Dawn launched her new venture, Joy Creative Shop. It is an online platform where she sells digital products like webinars and courses aimed at helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

2. Speaking Engagements: Dawn is also a sought-after speaker who regularly gives talks and workshops about entrepreneurship, marketing, and leadership. She shares insights from her own experiences of being an entrepreneur for over two decades.

3. Angel Investing: As someone who has successfully grown multiple businesses, Dawn is now using her expertise to help other entrepreneurs by investing in their companies through angel investing.

“I believe that supporting others’ passions and mentoring them through the challenges they will inevitably face is incredibly important, ” says Bierschwal.

4. Writing: Lastly, Dawn has recently started writing about her entrepreneurial journey as well as sharing tips and strategies for success in business through articles posted on various publications and blogs.

In conclusion, while the sale of Becoming Mom Spa was a significant event in Dawn Bierschwal’s career, it was not the end of her story. Through her ventures in Joy Creative Shop, speaking engagements, angel investing activities, and writing endeavors, she continues to inspire and support aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

Learn about what the founder is up to after selling Becoming Mom Spa.

Dawn Bierschwal sold her Cincinnati-based business, Becoming Mom Spa, in 2019. The company was known for its services catering to prenatal and postpartum wellness, such as massages and facials.

After selling the spa, Dawn focused on her other ventures. She serves on various boards of directors, including one that focuses on helping women entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses. Additionally, she has been busy with philanthropic work related to maternal health and empowering women.

“It was a difficult decision to sell something I had worked so hard to build, ” said Dawn when asked about the sale. “But ultimately, it was time for me to move on and explore new opportunities. “

Inspired by her entrepreneurial journey and passion for supporting other founders, Dawn also launched a podcast called “Founding Female” where she interviews female leaders from different industries.

Although no longer involved directly with Becoming Mom Spa’s operations, Dawn continues to support and advocate for businesses prioritizing women’s health and wellness. Her dedication serves as an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to make a difference in their communities.

How the Sale Affected Becoming Mom Spa

Dawn Bierschwal, a former childbirth educator and lactation consultant, founded Becoming Mom Spa in 2005. This spa is designed specifically for expectant mothers and new moms to help them feel relaxed and rejuvenated during pregnancy and postpartum.

In August 2018, Dawn sold Becoming Mom Spa to Sweet Cheeks Diaper Service LLC. The sale was not only beneficial for Dawn but also affected the spa’s operations significantly. After the acquisition, Becoming Mom Spa has undergone some major changes:

  • The services offered at the spa have expanded beyond prenatal massage and facials to include acupuncture, chiropractic care, and nutrition counseling as well.
  • The spa now offers a wider range of products tailored for expectant mothers from organic skincare brands like Bella B Bodycare to breastfeeding essential items such as nursing bras.
  • Becoming Mom Spa has moved its location from Blue Ash to Mason where they serve customers with newer renovated facilities accommodating more than ever before.
“With this change we could see an upward trajectory coming soon in terms of profitability, ” said Nathan Wiedemer of Sweet Cheeks. ” We are exploring options that can add value both incrementally or transformationally. “

This transition brought promising opportunities for growth in business while enhancing customer experience with their newly redefined offerings. The acquisition did not take away what made Becoming Mom Spa unique; instead it improved upon it by bringing different healthcare professionals under one roof providing complete wellness solutions catering towards motherhood needs.

Find out what changes occurred in Becoming Mom Spa after the sale.

Becoming Mom Spa was a famous pregnancy spa located in Mason, Ohio. Dawn Bierschwal, the founder of the spa, sold it to Cincy Chic in 2018. The new owners promised to maintain high-quality services and expand its reach across various cities.

After the sale, some significant changes were visible at Becoming Mom Spa. Firstly, there were expansions in their service offerings, including skincare treatment for pregnant women and baby product lines. This led to an increase in clients who sought these new services, leading to higher revenue streams.

The brand’s marketing also underwent several transformations under Cincy Chic’s management. They aggressively advertised online through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, reaching more potential customers than before. Additionally, they forged partnerships with other businesses that catered to mom-related products like Pure Romance.

“Our mission is always enhancing motherhood, ” said Amy Scalia from Cincy Chic on how they planned to take Becoming Mom Spa further ahead following the acquisition. “We want every single person that comes into any one of our spas to enhance their life surrounding motherhood. ”

In conclusion, since Dawn Bierschwal sold Becoming Mom Spa to Cincy Chic in 2018, restructuring has occurred with expansion of services increased focus on digital marketing alongswith collaboration with supporting brands for moms. Pregnant mothers lookingto get premium quality personalcare should check them out.

The Future of Becoming Mom Spa

When Did Dawn Bierschwal Sell Becoming Mom Spa?

Dawn Bierschwal, the founder and former owner of Becoming Mom Spa, sold the company in 2018. The new owners have big plans for the future of this beloved spa franchise.

Becoming Mom Spa has always been all about helping women feel their best during pregnancy and beyond. Under new ownership, that mission will continue to grow and expand. From expanding service offerings to opening new locations across the country, Becoming Mom Spa is poised for a bright future.

In a recent statement, the new owners emphasized their commitment to building on the strong foundation left by Dawn Bierschwal:

“We are honored to carry on the legacy established by Dawn at Becoming Mom Spa. We believe passionately in our ability to help pregnant and postpartum moms look and feel their very best, and we can’t wait to share what’s next. “

If you haven’t visited your local Becoming Mom Spa location lately, now is an exciting time to check it out! With fresh leadership comes fresh energy and ideas that are sure to delight customers old and new alike.

Discover what’s in store for the business after the sale.

When Dawn Bierschwal decided to sell Becoming Mom Spa in 2019, it was a big decision that would ultimately change the direction of the business. However, while some may have anticipated major changes, this wasn’t entirely the case; there are still many exciting developments happening at Becoming Mom Spa.

Firstly, despite being under new ownership since 2019, one thing that hasn’t changed is the spa’s core mission: helping moms-to-be and new mothers feel relaxed and rejuvenated during pregnancy and motherhood. The spa offers an array of services catering specifically to pregnant women and new moms which makes them unique from other spas. Even with newer owners, they continue to deliver on their promise of providing high-quality services catered towards expecting or already Moms. This has cultivated tremendous customer loyalty over time – adding value to the brand name built by Dawn herself.

Becoming Mom Spa also continues to innovate more ways improving its products, services. With innovative plans like extending their product line or partnership with different Mama-related communities such as parenting bloggers or celebrity mums who can provide insights into merchandise specific for baby, mama needs available at Becoming Mom Spa- customers are likely going stay loyal throughout these concrete expansions taking place within their favorite local spa serving mommies-to-be!

“Our team continues working hard daily day putting together various projects we believe will benefit our clients. ” says Jennifer Janesko now CEO “We’re open—caring about your comfortability when giving birth so you don’t have only prenatal classes but even support groups. “

In conclusion, though there might be a difference concerning who owns Becoming Mom Spa-now Jennfier being operational-head honcho alongside having fresh ideas up her sleeves-—one thing remains constant in Becoming Mom Spa- service towards moms-to-be and new mothers will never change. Rather, this continuity amidst newer ideas compliments the standards serving more patrons joining efforts to make motherhood beautiful!

Frequently Asked Questions

What year did Dawn Bierschwal sell Becoming Mom Spa?

Dawn Bierschwal sold Becoming Mom Spa in 2018. After 10 years of running the business, she decided to sell it to focus on her family and other ventures.

Who did Dawn Bierschwal sell Becoming Mom Spa to?

Dawn Bierschwal sold Becoming Mom Spa to The Woodhouse Day Spa, a national franchise with over 60 locations. The Woodhouse Day Spa was interested in expanding their services to include prenatal and postnatal care.

Was the sale of Becoming Mom Spa a publicized event?

The sale of Becoming Mom Spa was not widely publicized. Dawn Bierschwal announced the sale on the business’s website and social media accounts. However, there was no press release or media coverage of the sale.

What factors led to Dawn Bierschwal’s decision to sell Becoming Mom Spa?

Dawn Bierschwal’s decision to sell Becoming Mom Spa was driven by a desire to focus on her family and other business ventures. She also felt that The Woodhouse Day Spa would be a good fit for the business and its clients.

Did Dawn Bierschwal continue to be involved in the business after the sale?

Dawn Bierschwal did not continue to be involved in the day-to-day operations of Becoming Mom Spa after the sale. However, she remained a consultant for the business during the transition period to ensure a smooth handover of operations to The Woodhouse Day Spa.

What impact did the sale of Becoming Mom Spa have on Dawn Bierschwal’s career?

The sale of Becoming Mom Spa allowed Dawn Bierschwal to focus on her family and other business ventures. She went on to become the CEO of a tech startup and continues to be an entrepreneur and business consultant.

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