What To Wear With Yoga Pants? Discover The Best Outfit Ideas Now

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Yoga pants are the go-to athleisure wear for many fitness enthusiasts and fashionistas. No matter if you’re hitting the gym, running errands or spending a cozy night in, yoga pants can make you feel comfortable yet stylish at the same time.

If you’re wondering what to wear with yoga pants, then this article is your ultimate guide to the best outfit ideas and style tips that will take your activewear game to the next level. From tank tops to hoodies, from sneakers to boots, there are numerous ways to mix-and-match your yoga pants and create unique and chic looks suitable for any occasion.

“Don’t settle for a basic look when you can elevate your yoga pant outfit effortlessly.”

Discover how to pair your favorite black leggings with statement pieces, how to play with colors and textures, and how to accessorize your athletic ensemble like a pro. With our expert guidance and inspiring examples, you’ll never be stuck with boring workout clothes again!

So, get ready to transform your wardrobe and explore the endless possibilities of wearing yoga pants. Whether you’re aiming for a casual or dressy vibe, a sporty or edgy attitude, we’ve got you covered. Read on and unleash your inner fashion goddess while staying comfy and confident in your go-to activewear staple.

Pair With A Crop Top

Crop tops are one of the trendiest items to wear this season and they look amazing with yoga pants. Not only do they add a stylish element to your outfit, but they also accentuate your curves and create a flattering shape.

For a more casual look, pair your yoga pants with an oversized crop top or a basic t-shirt that’s been tied up at the waist. Alternatively, you can dress it up by pairing them with a cropped tank top and statement jewelry for a night out with friends.

Avoid overly baggy crop tops as these will drown out the silhouette of your leggings and make you appear frumpy. Instead, opt for fitted styles that sit neatly above the waistband of your yoga pants.

“Crop tops are perfect for summer days, allowing you to show off some skin while still keeping you cool” -Stylist Magazine

Add High-Waisted Bottoms

The high-waisted bottom trend is here to stay and it’s no surprise why. These bottoms complement any body type and when paired with yoga pants, elevate your entire outfit to another level.

You can choose from a variety of options such as jeans, shorts, skirts, or even flowy palazzos that enhance your figure and create balance in your overall outfit. Pairing high-waist items with yoga pants cinches in your waist and elongates your legs making them look longer and leaner.

Apart from adding extra style to your ensemble, high-waist bottoms offer additional core support which is important during any workout. They engage your abs and lower back resulting in improved posture, better digestion, and reduced risk of injury.

“High-waisted bottoms are not just fashion statements, they’re also functional and supportive – a win-win situation for every woman” -Shape Magazine

Choose a Monochrome Look

Absolutely love the chic monochromatic look? Pair your yoga pants with similar shades of black, white, grey or mix muted tones like beige and pastels to achieve this aesthetic. Not only does it create a minimalistic vibe but it’s incredibly versatile and easy to style.

The matching colors help to elongate your legs making them appear longer, while the simplicity of the outfit draws attention to your face and creates an overall polished look. Finish off your ensemble with simple accessories such as gold hoop earrings, dainty necklaces, or a statement watch that complements your look.

If you want to add a pop of color to your monochromatic look, feel free to do so by adding bold lips or shoes that stand out. This adds character to your outfit without compromising its elegance.

“The monochromatic trend is timeless, classy and perfect for those who prefer simple yet sophisticated styles’ – Vogue Magazine

Layer With A Sweatshirt

Yoga pants are a comfortable and versatile clothing item that can be worn in various ways. One way to wear them is by pairing them with a sweatshirt for a casual yet stylish look. When choosing a sweatshirt to layer over your yoga pants, opt for one that is cozy and soft.

You could also choose a sweatshirt with a quote or graphic design to add some personality to the outfit. This will make it stand out from other yoga pant outfits which might lack creativity.

If you like to show off your waistline, consider tying the bottom of the sweatshirt above your hips rather than tucking it into your pants. Wearing a long necklace or accessorizing with statement earrings can bring character to the outfit as well.

Wear Over a Collared Shirt

For a preppy “dressy-casual” look, pair your yoga pants with a collared shirt. Tying up the shirt at the hem will give a fitted appearance without being too tight. Leave the collar unbuttoned and folded down for an informal style.

To dress up the outfit further, wear strappy sandals and accessorize with a watch or bracelet. You may also want to style your hair in a messy bun or ponytail for chic flair.

The collared shirt paired with yoga pants gives you the flexibility to adjust your look depending on the occasion. It’s easy to dress up this look with boots if you’re headed to work, or dressed down with sneakers for a day running errands around town while still looking put together and fashionable.

Add a Pop of Color

Another way to elevate your yoga pants outfit is by adding some color to it. Don’t shy away from bold colors; they can add excitement to your outfit.

For instance, consider pairing a bright pink or orange tank top with black yoga pants. This will give you an eye-catching pop of color that will make you stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, try wearing a colored blazer over a neutral-colored top and black yoga pants for a sophisticated look that can take you from day-to-night wear with ease.

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.”Wassily Kandinsky

Choose a Graphic Design

To create a fashion forward yet casual look, pick your favorite themed graphic design like band tees or a patterned t-shirt that complements black or grey yoga pants. You could also choose vibrant prints or patterns that are in style at the moment.

If you’re feeling daring, match tights with a flannel shirt worn over a basic tee with bold earrings. The items will come together as one coherent theme making for a trendy and fashionable yoga pant ensemble.

“Style ain’t nothing but keeping expectations exclusive.” – Hiromu Arakawa

Opt for an Oversized Fit

An oversized hoodie or sweater is highly popular and perfect to pair with tight-fitting yoga pants. The flowy silhouette provides contrast while still being flattering for any figure type.

If you want to show more skin without going bare, crop the oversized top just above the navel or tie it up on the side. A quick half-tuck into the front waistband of the yoga pants creates comfortable full coverage for the backside. Choose a pastel-colored longline cardigan and pair with gray joggers sweatpants along with canvas sneakers for a modern appearance.

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s the way you wear it and the way you style it that makes a difference.”Pharrell Williams

  • When tied together with grace, anything has potential for style in clothing.
  • Your outfit should reflect who you are and how you want to be perceived; comfort and confidence always go hand-in-hand!

Dress Them Up With a Blouse

Yoga pants are typically seen as workout attire, but with the right styling, they can be dressed up for a casual yet chic look. A blouse is a great way to add some sophistication to your yoga pants outfit.

When choosing a blouse to pair with your yoga pants, opt for one that is flowy and loose-fitting. This will create a balance between the form-fitting pants and the relaxed top. Avoid tops that are too tight or clingy, as they may make your outfit look unbalanced.

A button-up blouse is a classic option that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. You can wear it tucked into your yoga pants or untucked for a more casual look. If you prefer something more feminine, a silky floral blouse can add a pop of color and texture to your outfit.

Choose a Silk Material

Silk blouses are an excellent choice to dress up your yoga pants. They are soft, luxurious, and have a natural shine that elevates any outfit. The lightweight material also drapes beautifully over the curves of your body, creating a flattering silhouette.

When choosing a silk blouse, consider the colors and prints that complement your yoga pants. If your yoga pants are solid colored, go for a printed blouse to add interest and dimension to your outfit. On the other hand, if your yoga pants are colorful or patterned, opt for a plain silk blouse in a neutral color like ivory, black, or navy.

“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.” -Oscar de la Renta

Add Statement Jewelry

To complete your yoga pants outfit, don’t forget to accessorize with statement jewelry. Bold jewelry can add a touch of personality to your outfit and tie the entire look together.

When choosing statement jewelry, consider the neckline of your blouse. If your top has a higher neckline like a crew neck or a boat neck, opt for long earrings that elongate your neck. A chunky necklace would also work well with this type of blouse. For tops with a lower neckline, such as v-necks or scoop necks, you can choose a shorter necklace or chandelier earrings to draw attention to your face.

To avoid overwhelming your outfit, remember to keep the rest of your accessories minimal. Choose one statement piece and pair it with simple studs, bracelets, or rings. This will ensure that your outfit looks polished and put-together.

“Accessories are like vitamins to fashion – as such, you should use them liberally.” -Anna Dello Russo

Don’t underestimate the styling potential of yoga pants. With the right blouse and accessories, they can be dressed up for a chic and comfortable outfit perfect for running errands or meeting friends for lunch. Just remember to choose loose-fitting blouses, opt for silk material when possible, and always add statement jewelry to complete the look.

Add A Denim Jacket For A Casual Look

Yoga pants are a staple in many people’s wardrobes because of their comfort and versatility. One way to dress up your yoga pants for a casual look is by pairing them with a denim jacket.

A denim jacket can add structure to the relaxed fit of yoga pants while also adding a touch of style. Here are some tips on how to wear a denim jacket with your yoga pants:

Roll Up the Sleeves

When wearing a denim jacket, rolling up the sleeves is a popular styling choice. This adds a more relaxed feel to the outfit instead of having everything completely covered up.

If you’re going for a more put-together look, keep the sleeves unrolled for a cleaner appearance.

Wear with a Patterned Scarf

To add an extra pop of color and texture to your outfit, try adding a patterned scarf around your neck. This will create a stylish statement piece that pulls the look together.

“Scarves are perfect for taking any basic outfit and making it look chic.” -Anonymous

Choose Distressed Denim

If you want to add a bit of edge to your outfit, opt for a distressed denim jacket. The tears and frays on the jacket add character and roughness, which will complement the softness of your yoga pants.

Keep in mind that if you’re wearing a printed or busy pair of yoga pants, a plain denim jacket might work better to balance out the overall look.

Layer Over a Hoodie

For a cozy and comfortable look, layer your denim jacket over a hoodie. This will create a stylish, yet practical outfit for any casual occasion.

“Hoodies have become a staple of hip-hop culture and do go with anything.” – ASAP Rocky

When it comes to wearing denim jackets with yoga pants, keep in mind that there’s no right or wrong way to style the two. It all depends on the look you’re going for!

Accessorize With A Statement Necklace

Hello fashion lovers! Are you searching for ways to accessorize your yoga pants? Look no further than a statement necklace. Not only will it add a pop of style to your outfit, but it’s also an easy way to take your look from casual to chic.

Choose a Chunky Design

If you’re looking for a statement piece, opt for a chunky necklace design that draws attention to your collarbone. This can help balance out the relaxed fit of your yoga pants and elevate your entire ensemble. Don’t be afraid to go bold with colors or patterns, as long as they complement your other clothing items well.

“A statement necklace should serve as the centerpiece of your ensemble.” -Rachel Zoe

A chunky statement necklace can make all the difference in transforming basic activewear into a stylish athleisure outfit. Additionally, it allows you to express yourself through accessories without adding too much bulk to your overall look. So, next time you’re wearing yoga pants, consider pairing them with a bold statement necklace for an extra edge.

Match to Your Shoe Color

To create a cohesive look, match the color of your statement necklace to the color of your shoes. If you’re wearing black yoga pants and black sneakers, pair them with a silver or gold metallic statement necklace for a chic and polished look. Alternatively, if you’re sporting colorful yoga pants, choose a necklace that complements the dominant shade in your print.

“Accessories are like vitamins to fashion—as such, you should use them liberally.” -Anna Dello Russo

Incorporating a statement necklace into your outfit is an effortless way to dress up your yoga pants and look put together while still being comfortable. When choosing the right necklace for your look, remember that it should complement, not overpower, your outfit. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to accessorize with ease and style.

Balance With A Longline Cardigan

Yoga pants are incredibly comfortable and versatile, but sometimes it can be tricky to style them for a casual or dressy occasion. One of the easiest ways to elevate your yoga pants outfit is by adding a longline cardigan. Not only does it add some balance and structure, but it also keeps you cozy on cooler days.

Wear Over a Fitted Top

To create a flattering silhouette, pair your longline cardigan with a fitted top underneath. This could be a simple tank top, a tight-fitting tee, or even a turtleneck sweater – depending on the weather and your personal style. The key is to choose a top that hugs your curves without being too clingy.

“I love pairing my yoga pants with a flowy, oversized cardigan. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and chicness.” -Jennifer Aniston

Add a Belt to Cinch the Waist

If you want to show off your waistline, try adding a belt over your longline cardigan. This works particularly well if your cardigan is loose or shapeless. You can either wear the belt high up on your waist or sling it lower around your hips for a more relaxed look. Just make sure it doesn’t dig into your skin while sitting down!

“Belting a cardigan is a great way to accentuate your figure and break up any excess fabric.” -Stacy London

Choose a Neutral Color

When it comes to selecting a longline cardigan to wear with yoga pants, neutral colors are always a safe bet. Think beige, gray, black, or navy – anything that complements your skin tone and goes with most other items in your wardrobe. This way, you can mix and match with different tops and pants without worrying about clashing patterns or colors.

“Neutral tones are timeless and elegant, especially when paired with more casual pieces like yoga pants.” -Victoria Beckham

Pair with Ankle Boots

To finish off your longline cardigan outfit, slip on a pair of ankle boots. Not only do they add some extra height and elongate your legs, but they also create a nice visual balance with the longer hemline of the cardigan. Choose boots with a block heel if you’re planning to be on your feet for extended periods, or opt for flat boots if you prefer a more low-key look.

“Ankle boots are my go-to footwear choice for fall and winter. They work well with everything from dresses to jeans to yoga pants.” -Kendall Jenner

Wearing yoga pants doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style and sophistication. By incorporating a longline cardigan into your outfit, you can stay comfortable while still looking put together. Just remember to choose a fitted top, cinch your waist with a belt, pick a neutral color for your cardigan, and pair it with ankle boots. Happy styling!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of tops can I wear with yoga pants?

You can wear a variety of tops with yoga pants depending on the occasion and style you are going for. For a casual look, opt for fitted t-shirts or tank tops. For a more put-together look, try pairing yoga pants with a flowy blouse or a fitted sweater. A crop top can also pair well with high-waisted yoga pants. Just make sure to choose a top that complements your body shape and is comfortable to move in.

What shoes should I wear with yoga pants?

When it comes to shoes to wear with yoga pants, comfort is key. Sneakers and athletic shoes are a popular choice for a sporty look. For a more casual look, try wearing sandals or flats. Boots can also be a great option for colder weather. Just make sure to choose a shoe that is comfortable and provides the support you need for your daily activities.

Can I wear yoga pants to work or to a formal event?

While yoga pants are incredibly comfortable, they are typically not appropriate for a professional or formal setting. However, some workplaces may allow yoga pants as part of a casual dress code. If you are attending a more formal event, opt for dress pants or a skirt instead. If you want to wear yoga pants in a more formal setting, choose a high-quality pair in a dark color and pair them with a dressy top and heels.

What accessories can I wear with yoga pants?

Accessories can help elevate your yoga pants outfit. A scarf or statement necklace can add some color and texture to your look. A hat can also be a great accessory for a sporty and casual outfit. A crossbody bag or backpack can be functional and stylish. Just make sure to keep your accessories simple and not too overpowering.

What type of underwear should I wear with yoga pants?

Choosing the right underwear is important when wearing yoga pants. Seamless underwear or thongs are great options as they won’t create any visible panty lines. Boy shorts or briefs can also be a good choice if you prefer more coverage. Just make sure to choose underwear that is comfortable and provides the support you need for your daily activities.

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