What To Wear To A Massage? Find Out How To Dress Comfortably and Appropriately

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Going for a massage can be a relaxing experience that leaves you feeling refreshed. Whether it’s your first time or not, choosing what to wear is important for your comfort and convenience during the session.

Dressing comfortably and appropriately can make all the difference in how relaxed you feel during your massage. Wearing clothing that allows you to move freely and easily is key, as well as something easy to slip on and off when changing in and out of your clothes.

In this article, we’ll explore the different clothing options that will allow you to fully enjoy your massage, no matter what type of activity level or specific therapy it involves. From fabric choices to styles and colors, learn how to dress comfortably and appropriately for a full-body relaxation and rejuvenation experience.

Consider The Type Of Massage You Will Be Receiving

If you are planning to get a massage, one thing that you may be wondering about is what you should wear. Indeed, the garments you choose can greatly affect your overall massage experience and comfort levels.

To help you out, we’ve put together this guide on what to wear to different types of massages. Keep in mind that clothing always depends on personal preference, but taking these suggestions into consideration can make your massage session much more enjoyable:

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage involves long gliding strokes mixed with light kneading. Because this type of massage typically does not involve deep pressure or hard manipulation, it’s best to arrive comfortably dressed and ready to relax.

This means wearing comfortable loose-fitting clothes that won’t restrict movement. Opt for stretchy shorts or yoga pants paired with a breathable t-shirt or tank top. Also, keep in mind that during Swedish massage sessions, the therapist may ask you to lay face down, so avoid wearing items like belts, jewelry, and accessories that might feel constricting when laying on your stomach.

Deep Tissue Massage

A Deep tissue massage focuses on deeper muscle layers, making it ideal for individuals who need specific tension relief and suffer from chronic pains and injuries. Unlike Swedish massages, deep tissue massages often require the use of oils and lotions, which could stain your clothes.

If possible, consider dressing in darker colors or bring an old shirt to wear for the session. Moreover, for a more comfortable experience, sports bras and athletic wears such as leggings can allow better freedom of movement. There is also a possibility that the therapist will want you to undress fully, or at least partially, depending on the area of the body they’re working on; you will be given some privacy to change.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a particular type of therapy that involves the use of smooth, warm stones placed on predetermined areas of your body. The heat from the stones enhances circulation and allows the therapist to work more deeply into tense muscle areas effectively.

To maximize the benefits of this kind of message, it’s best to wear loose-fitting clothes as the heated stones may feel too cozy under tight-fitting or overly heavy fabrics. Some good clothing options include comfortable shorts or sweatpants with an easily removable shirt. Since this type of massage can make your skin sweaty, opt for breathable, moisture-wicking garments

Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage uses scented oils typically derived from plants like lavender and rosemary to boost relaxation levels and positively affect one’s mood. Aromatherapy massage generally follows the Swedish style of long, flowing strokes; unlike deep tissue, this treatment won’t require you to remove any items of clothing

You want to dress comfortably in clothes with natural fibers such as cotton. Loose-fitting wears are preferable, and they allow both you and the therapist to supply light-handed taps without much obstruction. So if you have been skipping leg day put it this time, compression leggings may also help enhance comfortability although not always necessary.

Overall whatever type of massage you decide to go for always remember to communicate any discomforts or preferences to ensure that you get precisely what you’ve paid for.

“Massage has had a positive effect on every medical condition we’ve looked at.”- Tiffany Fields PhD Sage Publications

Choose Loose-Fitting Clothing

If you are planning to get a massage, it’s important to wear the right kind of clothing. Most people prefer wearing loose-fitting clothes when going for a massage. Loose clothing helps in two ways: firstly, it allows your body to move freely during the massage and secondly, it enables the therapist to manipulate muscles effectively without any hindrance.

The purpose of getting a massage is to feel relaxed and comfortable; but tight clothing can lead to discomfort and irritation instead. Therefore, always opt for lightweight materials that allow air circulation around your body and keep you cool.

  • Wearing yoga pants or sweatpants with an elastic waistband can be ideal as they will not restrict movement,
  • You can also go for flowy shorts or skirts, which offer breathability and easy movement of limbs.

Avoid Tight Clothing

It’s essential to avoid wearing tight clothing because it can hinder the blood flow and cause inflammation in certain areas. For example, if you wear skinny jeans, it will restrict the lower half of your body from receiving enough oxygen and nourishment, leading to poor circulation.

Tight clothes also tend to trap sweat, causing increased body temperature and resulting in skin irritation and acne breakouts. Additionally, abrasion between your skin and fabric might result in chafing and rashes.

“Avoid tight clothing immediately after a deep tissue massage – it could minimize the benefits.” – Caitlin Lombardi, a licensed massage therapist.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Your comfort should be your top priority when heading out for a massage appointment. Choose outfits that you would usually wear on lazy days at home. Avoid uncomfortable fabrics like denim, stiff clothes that restrict movement, and synthetic fabrics that do not breathe.

Light cotton t-shirts or tank tops paired with loose pants are an excellent choice to wear. You can also choose soft, breathable fabrics like bamboo, linen, or modal which gives you the perfect relaxing massage experience.

“The biggest thing is comfort. Wearing loose clothing makes a big difference in how relaxed your muscles can become during a massage.” – Stephanie Hershfus, licensed massage therapist.

Choosing comfortable and non-restrictive clothing when going for a massage is essential as it helps you relax and have a more satisfying session. It’s important to note that the ultimate goal of getting a massage is to release all tension from the body and create a profound sense of well-being. So next time you visit your local spa, remember to keep it comfy!

Opt For Breathable Fabrics

When it comes to dressing for a massage, your comfort should be the top priority. This means that you need to opt for fabrics that are breathable and lightweight.


Cotton is known to be one of the most comfortable fabrics when it comes to clothing. It’s not only soft but also highly absorbent. Wearing cotton clothing during a massage session will soak up any sweat produced by your body and prevent the fabric from sticking to your skin. Additionally, since it’s an all-natural material, it won’t cause any skin irritations or allergies.

According to Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, Cotton fabrics are preferred as they allow ventilation and let sweat evaporate quickly. “If you’re going to be hot and sweaty, think about what will help wick away moisture,” she recommends.


The bamboo fabric is another amazing option to consider for your massage session attire because it’s light and airy, and can help draw moisture away from your skin. The fabric feels incredibly soft due to its natural fibers, which makes it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

“Bamboo Fabric naturally pulls moisture away from the surface of your skin,” explains Helen Chuchmach, CEO and founder of Epiphany Mattress Inc.

Bamboo-made clothes contain “holes”, which make them more breathable than other synthetic materials. Hence, wearing these on massage sessions is an ideal choice for anyone seeking maximum comfort like yoga practitioners.

In addition to being eco-friendly, Bamboo is sustainable and has antibacterial properties that protect your body against harmful microorganisms.

  • If you’re working out before your massage, stick to gym-friendly fabrics like cotton, Lycra-spandex blends Polyester or silk to bring your body temperature back to a resting state.
  • Cashmere, Chambray, Flannel and Fleece are some of the materials that must be avoided. These fabrics could make you feel too warm in temp or not durable enough to manage excess sweat generated by your body during massage
  • While polyester-made clothes are avoided because they’re synthetic, which means it can get uncomfortable and clingy even without exerting much effort on your massage session.
“Breathable clothing allows for air movement, prevents chafing, and wicks away moisture from sweating,” says Megan Conner, Licensed Massage Therapist at Elements Massage Phoenix Biltmore.

Opting for breathable fabric ensures comfortability throughout the massage period while being mindful of style and appropriateness.

Take Into Account The Temperature Of The Room

The temperature of the massage room can have a significant impact on your overall experience. If it is too cold, you may find it difficult to relax and fully enjoy the massage. On the other hand, if it is too hot, you may become uncomfortable and sweaty.

If possible, ask the therapist what the room temperature will be for your scheduled appointment. This way, you can plan ahead with appropriate clothing or make requests for adjustments as needed.

Adjust Clothing Layers

When preparing for a massage, it’s important to wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement. But keep in mind that most massages involve direct skin contact with the therapist’s hands or massage tools, so choose clothing items that are easily removable or able to move out of the way.

If the room is cooler than expected, consider bringing a long-sleeve shirt or light jacket to layer over your clothing until the massage begins. Once relaxed, you can remove these layers if desired.

Ask for a Blanket or Sheet

If the air conditioning has made the room too chilly, don’t hesitate to politely request a blanket or sheet from the therapist. Asking for additional covering does not detract from the massage experience and can ensure comfort throughout the session.

A professional massage therapist should always be prepared to provide adequate temperature control for their clients’ comfort.

Ask to Adjust the Thermostat

If the issue lies with the room itself rather than your clothing choices, kindly request that the therapist adjust the thermostat to a more comfortable temperature. Most reputable massage therapy establishments prioritize customer satisfaction and will be happy to accommodate such reasonable requests.

“As therapists, we want our clients to feel comfortable both physically and emotionally during their massage. This is why we strive to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room, but it’s important for clients to speak up if they are feeling too hot or cold.” – Jen Gillan, Licensed Massage Therapist

By taking into account the temperature of the room and making adjustments based on your personal preferences, you can ensure optimal comfort and relaxation during your massage session.

Avoid Wearing Jewelry and Heavy Makeup

When preparing for a massage, it’s important to consider what you wear. You want to feel comfortable and relaxed during your massage, but also keep in mind the practicality of your clothing choices. One thing to avoid when getting a massage is wearing jewelry or heavy makeup.

Remove Earrings

Earrings can be a hazard during a massage. They may get caught on the table or therapist’s fingers causing injury to both parties involved. Take out any earrings before arriving at the spa or massage studio. If this isn’t possible, inform your therapist beforehand so they can take extra precautions to avoid them while working on your neck and shoulders.

Avoid Necklaces

Just like earrings, necklaces pose risks during a massage session. They can become tangled with other accessories or cause discomfort when laying down in a prone position. It’s best to leave them off altogether to make sure there are no disturbances during your massage treatment.

Avoid Heavy Foundation

While we all want to look our best, heavy foundation is not advisable for a massage. The oil used by therapists during the session helps their hands glide smoothly over the skin surface. A thick layer of foundation hinders the treatment as it does not allow the oil to penetrate the pores of the skin freely. Opt for light makeup or better yet go entirely makeup-free.

Practicing good hygiene is essential when going for a massage. It’s always recommended that you arrive clean and fresh except for wearing perfumes and creams which might interfere with the scent of aromatherapy oils. Follow the above guidelines to have a relaxing and enjoyable experience while promoting professionalism and safety during your session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best fabrics to wear for a massage?

The best fabrics to wear for a massage are lightweight, breathable, and stretchy. Cotton, bamboo, and modal are great options. Avoid wearing anything too tight or rigid, such as denim, as it can restrict movement and make it harder for the therapist to work on your muscles.

Should I wear underwear during a massage?

It is entirely up to you whether you wear underwear during a massage. However, most people choose to remove their underwear for maximum comfort and to avoid any potential oil stains. Rest assured, the therapist will always ensure that you are appropriately draped to maintain your privacy and comfort.

Is it appropriate to wear jewelry during a massage?

No, it is not necessary to wear jewelry during a massage. In fact, it’s better to remove all jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, as they can get in the way and be uncomfortable during the massage. You can always put them back on after the session.

What type of shoes should I wear to a massage?

You don’t need to wear any shoes to a massage. Most spas and massage centers provide slippers or flip flops for you to wear during your session. However, if you prefer to wear shoes, choose comfortable, easy-to-remove ones, such as sandals or slip-ons, so that you can quickly slip them off before your massage.

Should I bring a change of clothes to wear after the massage?

It’s not necessary to bring a change of clothes to wear after the massage, but it’s always a good idea to bring a change of underwear if you choose to remove them during the session. Additionally, you may want to bring loose, comfortable clothing to wear home, as your muscles may feel relaxed and a little tender after the massage.

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