What School District Is Ballston Spa Ny In? Find Out Now With Our Easy Guide!

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If you reside in Ballston Spa, New York, or planning to move to the area soon with school-going children, knowing about the school district is essential. Parents who are concerned about their child’s education know that picking a good school district can make all the difference.

So, what school district is Ballston Spa NY in? The Ballston Spa Central School District (BSCSD) serves the primary and secondary education needs of students residing in the town of Milton, parts of Malta, Greenfield Center, Charlton, and Ballston Spa village itself in Saratoga County, New York. It encompasses four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school, serving around 4,800 students.

Read on for more information about the BSCSD school district, including its history, demographics, educational programs, and other crucial factors. We will also highlight some of its excellent educational opportunities, open-enrollment policies, student achievements, and how to enroll your child in this esteemed institution.

Overview of Ballston Spa School District

Learn about the history and demographics of the Ballston Spa School District

The Ballston Spa School District is a public school district in Saratoga County, New York. It serves the town of Milton, parts of the towns of Ballston, Charlton, Galway, Malta, and Providence in Upstate New York.

The school district was founded in 1815 and has been providing quality education to students for over two centuries. Its long-standing tradition of academic excellence can be attributed to the dedicated teachers, staff, and administration who have made it their mission to help every student achieve success.

Over the years, the district has continued to grow in enrollment and diversity. Currently, it serves over 4,000 students across six schools: four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The district’s commitment to inclusion and equity is reflected in its diverse student population which includes students from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, abilities, and socioeconomic statuses.

“Our goal is to provide all students with an educational experience that empowers them to reach their full potential,” says Superintendent Joseph Dragone.”We strive to create a supportive learning environment that challenges students to think critically, collaborate with others, and become responsible global citizens.”

  • “The Ballston Spa School District offers a comprehensive program that emphasizes academic rigor combined with social-emotional learning, values-based character development, and personalized instruction.” – National Blue Ribbon Schools Program
  • “As a parent, I am impressed with the level of dedication shown by the teachers and staff at Ballston Spa. They go above and beyond to ensure that our children receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in college and career.” – Parent Testimonial
  • “The Ballston Spa School District is a shining example of what can be achieved through collaboration, innovation, and excellence in education.” – Saratoga County Superintendent

Overall, the Ballston Spa School District continues to be a leader in education by providing students with high-quality instruction, innovative programs, and learning experiences that prepare them for success in college, career, and life.

Schools in the Ballston Spa School District

Discover the various elementary, middle, and high schools in the district

The Ballston Spa School District is a hub of educational excellence. It has an excellent system of public schools that educates over 4,000 students from kindergarten to grade 12.

There are six schools in the district: Four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The elementary schools serve grades K-5, while the middle school serves grades 6-8. Finally, the high school serves grades 9-12.

One of the most popular schools in this district is the Malta Avenue Elementary School, which boasts of an impressive learning environment, exciting curriculum offerings, and experienced faculty.

Explore each school’s unique programs and offerings

The Ballston Spa School District is known for its innovation in education, and the vast array of unique programs available to students reflects that commitment.

For example, students at Malta Avenue Elementary can participate in the ever-popular mathematics, engineering, science achievement (MESA) program, which is designed to challenge and engage students with real-life STEM problems.

During the middle school tenure, students get introduced to theater arts through the Drama Club program, helping to build ingenuity, creativity & teamwork spirit. They also have access to specialized courses such as robotics and debate, depending on their interests.

Finally, at the High School level, there are several athletic teams where a student athlete can compete while still maintaining top performances in academics, ultimately promoting health lifestyle choices.

“Education is not only about books, it should be fun, stimulating, inspiring” – Barack Obama

All these programs and opportunities are designed to give students access to a diverse range of educational options so they can explore their passions, expand their horizons and prepare for college or careers beyond high school.

If you are wondering what school district Ballston Spa, NY is in, it’s definitely one that prides itself on excellence, embracing individuality, innovation & creativity.

Academic Achievements of the Ballston Spa School District

Test Scores

The Ballston Spa School District is a district that highly values education, which is evident from their consistently impressive test scores. According to Niche.com, students attending schools in the district regularly score higher than both state and national averages on standardized tests across all grade levels. In fact, some individual schools within the district have been recognized for having particularly high test scores.

“The school’s facilities are top-notch. Its technology infrastructure is very robust, too. This foundation creates an environment where Ballston Spa pupils thrive.” – Niche Reviewer

With teachers who put great emphasis on teaching techniques as well as working closely with parents to ensure student success, it is no wonder that the Ballston Spa School district has seen such consistent success academically.

Graduation Rates

Another indicator of academic achievement is high graduation rates. Fortunately, according to data from the New York State Education Department, this is another area where the Ballston Spa School District excels! Their overall percentage of students graduating from high school is significantly higher than the state average, with nearly all of their graduates fulfilling requirements for advanced designations.

“The faculty at BSHS–and throughout the district –are among the finest available anywhere….they set high standards but also provide excellent support so your child can maximize their learning opportunities.”- Niche Reviewer

The dedication of faculty coupled with a culture of rigorous academics certainly produces high achieving students who excel in their post-high school pursuits.

College Readiness

Finally, college readiness is a key metric for any successful school district, and again, Ballston Spa delivers. According to U.S. News & World Report, Ballston Spa Senior High School has a college readiness index of 37.9 out of 100, which is higher than most other schools in the area.

“The staff and teachers at BSHS are second to none!”- Niche.com Reviewer

With Advanced Placement (AP) courses that prepare high school students for the rigor of post-secondary academics as well dedicated counseling services to assist with the college application process, Ballston Spa offers support and opportunities that sets their graduating class up for long-term academic success.

Community and Extracurricular Activities in the Ballston Spa School District

Discover a Vibrant Community of Clubs, Teams, and Events

The Ballston Spa Central School District is more than just academics. It’s a vibrant community where students can pursue their passions outside the classroom.

With dozens of student-led clubs and organizations, there’s something for everyone at Ballston Spa High School.

“Participating in extracurricular activities helps students build closer relationships with peers, refine leadership skills, and discover hidden talents,” says Dr. Laurence Spring, Superintendent of Schools at the Ballston Spa Central School District.

No matter what your interests are, you’ll find like-minded individuals in one of the many clubs, including music, drama, robotics, journalism, and debate team.

If watching or playing sports is more your thing, Ballston Spa has something to offer too. The district fields 23 varsity, junior varsity, and freshman level teams across various sports including football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and swimming.

Get Involved in Your Community:

Ballston Spa also boasts an active community scene where families can come together and participate in events throughout the year.

Last year, the village hosted the annual Winter Festival where locals enjoyed hot chocolate by the fire while ice sculptures towered overhead.

“The sense of community here in Ballston Spa is remarkable,” notes Brian Skaneski, President of the Ballston Spa Business & Professional Association.”From parades and festivals to concerts and plays—there’s never a shortage of things to do.”

One of the most popular events in town is the summer concert series that takes place each Wednesday night at Wiswall Park. Guests are invited to bring lawn chairs and blankets while listening to live music from local performers.

For those looking for a little adventure, Saratoga County is home to miles of hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of the Adirondacks.

“Ballston Spa Central School District encourages students to engage in their community through volunteerism and civic engagement,” explains Dr. Spring.”By doing so, they become better citizens and leaders who will shape the future.”

If you’re wondering what school district Ballston Spa NY is in, it’s an excellent place to call home with plenty of opportunities to get involved and grow as a person both in and outside of school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the school district in Ballston Spa, NY?

The name of the school district in Ballston Spa, NY is Ballston Spa Central School District. It is a public school district that serves students in the town of Milton, Ballston, Charlton, and Malta.

What are the boundaries of Ballston Spa Central School District?

The boundaries of Ballston Spa Central School District include the town of Milton, Ballston, Charlton, and Malta. It covers an area of approximately 85 square miles.

How many schools are in Ballston Spa Central School District?

There are a total of 6 schools in Ballston Spa Central School District. These schools include 1 high school, 2 middle schools, and 3 elementary schools.

What is the student population of Ballston Spa Central School District?

The student population of Ballston Spa Central School District is approximately 4,500 students. This includes students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Does Ballston Spa Central School District provide transportation for students?

Yes, Ballston Spa Central School District provides transportation for students. This includes bus transportation to and from school, as well as transportation for field trips and other school-related activities.

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