The Ultimate Guide: Discover What You Must Do at The Spa at Pebble Beach

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If you’re looking for the ultimate spa experience, you can’t go wrong with The Spa at Pebble Beach. This luxurious retreat is nestled in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, offering stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and world-class amenities.

Whether you’re looking to indulge in a relaxing massage, try out a new facial treatment, or simply unwind in the serene surroundings, The Spa at Pebble Beach has something for everyone. With a wide range of services to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect treatment to meet your needs.

Some of the must-try experiences at The Spa at Pebble Beach include the signature golf ball massage, the rejuvenating seaweed wrap, and the deep tissue massage with hot stones. And don’t forget to take advantage of the spa’s beautiful outdoor pool and hot tubs.

So why wait? Book your spa day at The Spa at Pebble Beach today and experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Indulge in the Most Luxurious Spa Experience of Your Life

If you’re looking for the ultimate spa experience, look no further than The Spa at Pebble Beach. With its breathtaking ocean views and world-class amenities, this luxurious retreat offers everything you need to unwind and rejuvenate.

From relaxing massages to rejuvenating facials, the spa’s expert therapists will help you to escape the stresses of everyday life and achieve true relaxation. With a wide range of treatments to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect service to meet your needs.


One of the highlights of The Spa at Pebble Beach is its stunning outdoor pool and hot tubs, which offer the perfect setting for relaxation. Whether you’re enjoying a soak in the hot tub or taking a refreshing dip in the pool, you’ll feel your cares melt away as you take in the breathtaking ocean views.

For those looking for an even more indulgent experience, the spa’s signature golf ball massage is a must-try. This unique treatment uses warmed golf balls to knead out tension and relieve sore muscles, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.


  • Facials: The Spa at Pebble Beach offers a wide range of facials to help you achieve glowing, radiant skin. From deep cleansing treatments to anti-aging facials, there’s something to meet every skin concern.
  • Body Treatments: The spa’s expert therapists offer a range of body treatments to help you achieve silky smooth, nourished skin. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating seaweed wrap or a detoxifying mud wrap and emerge feeling refreshed and revitalized.


At The Spa at Pebble Beach, wellness is at the heart of everything we do. In addition to our spa services, we offer a range of wellness classes and programs to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

  • Pilates: Our expert instructors offer Pilates classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Whether you’re looking to build strength, increase flexibility, or simply relax and unwind, our Pilates classes are the perfect choice.
  • Yoga: Our yoga classes offer a range of styles to suit every need, from gentle Hatha yoga to more dynamic Vinyasa flow classes. Whether you’re looking to build strength, increase flexibility, or simply find inner peace, our yoga classes are the perfect choice.

Book your spa day at The Spa at Pebble Beach today and experience the ultimate in relaxation, rejuvenation, and wellness.

Relax and Rejuvenate in the Beautiful Setting of Pebble Beach

If you’re looking for a luxurious and relaxing getaway, the Spa at Pebble Beach is the perfect destination. Nestled in the stunning coastal community of Pebble Beach, California, the spa offers a serene and peaceful retreat that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

With its breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and stunning natural surroundings, the Spa at Pebble Beach is the ideal place to unwind and recharge. From indulgent spa treatments to invigorating fitness classes, there’s something for everyone at this world-class spa.

Spa Treatments that will Leave You Glowing

If you’re looking to pamper yourself, the Spa at Pebble Beach offers a wide range of luxurious treatments that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. From soothing massages to invigorating facials, their expert therapists use the finest natural ingredients to leave you glowing.

  • Signature Pebble Beach massage
  • Seaside body scrub
  • HydraFacial
  • Detox body wrap

Unwind with Mind-Body Wellness Classes

At the Spa at Pebble Beach, you can also indulge in a variety of mind-body wellness classes that will leave you feeling centered and balanced. Whether you prefer yoga or meditation, their experienced instructors will guide you through a transformative experience.

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Pilates
  • Barre

Recharge with State-of-the-Art Fitness Facilities

If you’re looking to stay active during your stay, the Spa at Pebble Beach also offers state-of-the-art fitness facilities that will help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

  • Fitness center with cardio and strength equipment
  • Outdoor fitness classes
  • Personal training sessions

With its stunning natural surroundings, luxurious amenities, and world-class spa treatments, the Spa at Pebble Beach is the ultimate destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. Book your stay today and experience the beauty and tranquility of this breathtaking coastal community.

Explore the Wide Range of Spa Treatments Available to You

When it comes to spa treatments, there is a vast selection available for you to choose from. Each treatment is tailored to help you achieve a specific goal, whether it’s to relax and unwind, relieve tension in your muscles, or rejuvenate your skin.

Massage therapy is one of the most popular spa treatments available. It involves the manipulation of muscles and soft tissues to improve circulation, relieve pain, and promote relaxation. Different types of massage include Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and aromatherapy massage.

Facials and Skin Treatments

  • Facials are one of the most common skin treatments offered at spas. They are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin. Different types of facials are available for different skin types and concerns, including anti-aging, acne-prone, and sensitive skin.
  • Body wraps are another popular skin treatment that involves wrapping the body in a mixture of herbs, minerals, and other natural ingredients to detoxify and hydrate the skin.


Hydrotherapy involves the use of water to promote healing and relaxation. Different types of hydrotherapy include hydro-massage, which uses jets of water to massage the body, and hydrotherapy baths, which are designed to soothe sore muscles and joints.

Alternative Therapies

  • Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils to promote relaxation and relieve stress.
  • Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy that involves the insertion of thin needles into the skin to stimulate specific points on the body.

With so many different spa treatments available, it’s easy to find one that meets your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to relax, rejuvenate your skin, or soothe sore muscles, there is a spa treatment that can help you achieve your goals.

Immerse Yourself in the Serenity of the Pacific Ocean

There’s something about the vastness of the ocean that puts everything into perspective. At Pebble Beach, you can experience the beauty and serenity of the Pacific Ocean in a way that is truly unforgettable. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, taking a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, or embarking on an ocean adventure, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the natural wonder of the Pacific.

One of the most popular ways to experience the Pacific Ocean is by taking a scenic drive along the world-renowned 17-Mile Drive. This stunning route winds along the coastline, offering breathtaking views of the ocean, rugged cliffs, and pristine beaches. With stops at iconic landmarks like the Lone Cypress, Spanish Bay, and Bird Rock, this drive is a must-do for anyone visiting Pebble Beach.

Experience the Thrill of Ocean Adventures

  • Whale Watching Tours: Get up close and personal with these majestic creatures on a whale watching tour. With knowledgeable guides and comfortable boats, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience.
  • Kayaking: Explore the rugged coastline and hidden coves of the Pacific Ocean by kayak. With guided tours available, you can discover the beauty of the ocean in a safe and exciting way.
  • Surfing: Catch some waves and experience the thrill of surfing on the iconic beaches of Pebble Beach. With lessons available for all skill levels, you can learn from the best and ride the waves like a pro.

Relax and Recharge on the Beach

If you’re looking for a more relaxing way to experience the Pacific Ocean, the beaches at Pebble Beach are the perfect place to unwind. Sink your toes into the soft sand and bask in the warm California sun as you listen to the soothing sound of the waves. With several beaches to choose from, each with its own unique charm, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to relax and recharge.

Take in the Beauty of the Ocean from Above

If you want to experience the beauty of the Pacific Ocean from a different perspective, consider taking a helicopter tour. With panoramic views of the coastline and ocean, you can enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience. With experienced pilots and comfortable helicopters, you can relax and take in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean from above.

Discover Why The Spa at Pebble Beach is the Perfect Destination for Your Next Getaway

If you’re looking for a luxurious escape, look no further than The Spa at Pebble Beach. Located in the heart of California’s breathtaking Monterey Peninsula, this award-winning spa is the perfect destination for your next getaway. With its serene surroundings, top-notch facilities, and range of indulgent treatments, you’re sure to leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

At The Spa at Pebble Beach, you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality and a range of amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. From the cozy lounge areas to the heated outdoor pools, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Whether you’re in the mood for a deep tissue massage or a hydrating facial, you’ll find a treatment that suits your needs and preferences.

Experience the Ultimate Relaxation

  • Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with the signature massage, which combines techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, and aromatherapy to relieve tension and promote relaxation.
  • For a unique and unforgettable experience, try the hot stone massage, which uses smooth, heated stones to ease muscle tension and promote relaxation.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

  • Pamper your skin with the spa’s range of rejuvenating facials, such as the Vitamin C Brightening Facial, which uses powerful antioxidants to brighten and tighten the skin, leaving you with a glowing complexion.
  • For an all-encompassing skin treatment, try the Ocean Infusion Body Wrap, which uses sea salt, algae, and minerals to detoxify and hydrate the skin.

Unwind with Friends

  • Gather your friends for a day of relaxation and pampering with the spa’s group packages, such as the Girls Getaway, which includes a massage, facial, and lunch at The Spa Cafe.
  • For couples looking for a romantic retreat, the Couple’s Escape package offers a side-by-side massage and private soak in a luxurious hydrotherapy tub.

From its stunning location to its luxurious facilities and indulgent treatments, The Spa at Pebble Beach is the perfect destination for anyone in need of a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway. So why not treat yourself to a little bit of luxury and book your next spa day at Pebble Beach?

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are available at The Spa at Pebble Beach?

The Spa at Pebble Beach offers a range of activities such as massages, facials, body treatments, hydrotherapy, and more. You can indulge in treatments that are specially designed to rejuvenate your body and soul, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Can I use the facilities at The Spa at Pebble Beach even if I’m not getting a treatment?

Yes, you can use the spa facilities even if you’re not getting a treatment. The facilities include a sauna, steam room, and whirlpool, and you can also access the fitness center and pool. It’s the perfect way to unwind and relax after a busy day of activities.

Do I need to book in advance for spa treatments?

It’s highly recommended to book your spa treatments in advance to ensure availability. You can book online or by calling the spa directly. You can also check for any special promotions or packages that are available.

What should I wear to my spa appointment?

We suggest that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your spa appointment. You will be given a robe and slippers to wear during your treatment. It’s also a good idea to bring a change of clothes if you plan on using the facilities after your treatment.

What is the cancellation policy for spa appointments?

The cancellation policy for spa appointments is 24 hours in advance. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged a cancellation fee. If you need to reschedule, we’ll be happy to accommodate you based on availability.

What is the age requirement for spa treatments?

The minimum age requirement for spa treatments is 18 years old. If you’re under 18, you can still use the facilities with adult supervision. We also offer specialized treatments for teenagers that are tailored to their unique needs.

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