Sojo Spa How Much? Discover the Affordable Luxury Spa Packages

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Are you looking for a luxurious spa experience without breaking the bank? Sojo Spa Club offers affordable packages that allow you to indulge in an array of spa services and amenities. Whether you are looking to destress with a massage or relax in their hydrotherapy pools, Sojo Spa has a package designed just for you.

Sojo Spa Club is located in Edgewater, New Jersey, and provides guests with breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline while enjoying their stay. The spa is open 365 days a year and operates from 9 am – midnight daily. With over nine floors, guests can explore numerous amenities like outdoor hot tubs overlooking the Hudson River, salt therapy halotherapy rooms, sanarium sauna, ice igloo room plus other amazing services not available anywhere else.

“Breathtaking experience! I recommend everyone come here at least once!!!”- Laura S.

If you want to pamper yourself or someone special with extravagance but don’t have much to spend—no worries because this place got it all covered for both your mind and body needs!

Sojo Spa Admission Fee

If you’re looking for a luxurious and relaxing spa experience, Sojo Spa Club should be on your list. This Asian-inspired retreat is located in Edgewater, New Jersey, providing visitors with various amenities like hot tubs, saunas, swimming pools, lounge areas and many more.

But the question that might come to your mind now is – How much does it cost to visit this amazing place? The answer is pretty straightforward; it depends on which day of the week you’re planning to go:

“Weekday admission fees range from $60-$85 depending on the time slot and service requested. Weekend/holiday rates range from $65-$95 also depending on the time of arrival and services selected. “

The morning shift starts at 9 am while the evening shifter timing starts at 5 pm sharp. Furthermore, they offer additional packages like massages or facials if you want to treat yourself even further along with additional surcharges as per your selection.

Please note that once inside Sojo’s facility apart from any other extra charges mentioned outside, most services such as jacuzzi’s sauna facilities are free to use unless otherwise specified or except private rooms chargeable extra costs.

In conclusion, visiting Sojo Spa can vary from person to person keeping in view different installation usage preferences but overall considering its top-notch features coming alongside reasonable pricing looks worth trying once!

What is included in Sojo Spa Admission Fee?

Sojo Spa admission fee includes access to all the facilities at the spa, including various saunas, pools, and hot tubs. The spa features multiple sauna rooms with varying temperatures and themes, such as a Himalayan salt room, red clay ball room, and far-infrared ray therapy room.

The pools include both indoor and outdoor options with different temperatures ranging from chilly plunge pool to steamy thermal heated ones. Guests can also soak themselves in the hydrotherapy pool that has massage jets strategically placed throughout for ultimate relaxation.

In addition to these amenities, guests also have access to communal spaces like meditation lounges, sun decks, fire pits, and an on-site restaurant serving authentic Korean cuisine.

The admission fee does not cover additional services offered by the spa like massages or body scrubs.

To make most of your day here at Sojo Spa’s admission price depends on what time you arrive– $55 if you enter before noon ($75 after) Monday through Friday; $65 for any time entry during weekends. A complimentary towel and robe are provided upon arrival along with several other requisite items based on the packages one selects while booking online.

If you’re interested in getting further pampered beyond soaking up therapeutic benefits of hot water bathing then additional charges for numerous beauty treatments available supplemented by skilled aestheticians & masseuses will apply separately!

Sojo Spa Packages

If you’re in the market for a spa day that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, look no further than Sojo Spa Club in Edgewater, New Jersey. Known for their luxurious facilities and top-notch services, Sojo Spa is a dream destination for anyone looking to unwind.

Wondering about the cost? The price of admission varies depending on which package you choose, but generally ranges from $65-$135 per person. In addition to full access to all of the spa’s amenities (including saunas, hot tubs, and pools), packages often include complimentary robes, towels, and flip flops to wear during your visit. Some even come with meals or refreshments!

A popular choice among visitors is the “Premium Day Pass” ($85 weekdays/$95 weekends), which grants you access to everything Sojo has to offer – including the rooftop infinity pool with stunning views of Manhattan. For an extra-special treat (and a higher price tag), consider one of their “VIP Suites” or “Private Cabanas”. These come complete with additional perks like massages and private balconies.

“My trip to Sojo was worth every penny! I opted for the Premium Day Pass and was blown away by how incredible it was. From lounging by the pool to relaxing in various saunas – I felt completely pampered. ” – Satisfied customer

No matter which option you choose, a visit to Sojo Spa promises an unforgettable experience that will help you forget about your worries and feel refreshed.

Which Sojo Spa Packages offer the best value for money?

If you want to pamper yourself or release stress, Sojo Spa is the best place to indulge in your senses. However, with the variety of packages they are providing, it might be challenging to determine which package has the most value for money. Here are some suggestions:

The “Midnight Soak” package offers a great deal if you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank. For only $60 per person, you can access the spa after 9:00 pm and enjoy their facilities until closing time.

If you prefer everything at an unlimited rate, try “Premium Access, ” where guests have unrestricted use of all facilities during regular hours plus complimentary food service and non-alcoholic beverages available throughout the day; this luxurious package costs $175.

“The Ultimate Experience Package”, priced at $300, includes a 90-minute massage session coupled with full tasting menu experience along with premium open bar services provided — definitely worth exploring!

Last but not least, if you plan on hosting an event or wish to submerge in a VIP treatment—checking out the “Presidential Suite” may be on top of your list. Priced at $2K- as expected from royalty-like accommodation while indulging extended bathing treatments and access to exclusive amenities like personalized comfort rooms cabinetries with free champagne.

In conclusion, these exemplary Sojo spa deals cater according to different needs and budget preferences without compromising supreme quality spa sessions leaving behind worthwhile memories fitting for anyone who avails How Much?’s valuable packages particularly discussed over here.

What are the differences between Sojo Spa Packages?

Sojo Spa is a premier relaxation destination for those who want to unwind and rejuvenate. They offer various packages that cater to different needs, preferences, and budgets.

Their most basic package is called ‘General Admission, ‘ which gives access to their amenities such as saunas, pools, and hot tubs. It costs $60 on weekdays and $65 on weekends.

If you’re looking for more pampering, they have ‘Spa Admission’ that includes a 50-minute massage or facial in addition to General Admission access. Prices start at $140 during weekdays and increase up to $200+ depending on service options chosen.

For couples looking for an intimate experience together, there’s the “Couples Escape” package with two massages and a soak in one of their private tubs priced at around $330.

“One of their popular packages is called ‘Premium Daycation, ‘ which offers everything from spa admission along with food, beverage credit. “

An upgrade from Premium Daycation would be taking it all out with ‘Signature Experience. ‘ You’ll enjoy champagne toast upon arrival then treated through every step of reservation by personal concierge.

Overall we think SOJO SPA will go light on your wallet only if you stick to its general admission (weekday) but even so these prices shouldn’t stop you having some well-earned rest & self-care!

Sojo Spa Additional Services

If you are visiting Sojo Spa for a relaxing day of pampering, there are several additional services that can enhance your experience. These services include:

Massage Therapy: Experience ultimate relaxation with one of our massage therapies. From Swedish to deep tissue, we offer various options to meet your needs.

Facial Treatments: Our facials leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Choose from anti-aging or acne treatments tailored to your specific skin type.

Salt Sauna Therapy: Relax in our Himalayan salt sauna which helps cleanse pores, reduce inflammation and boost circulation. Infused with minerals like magnesium and potassium, this therapy is beneficial for both the mind and body.

“We believe everyone deserves a little self-care every once in awhile. “

In addition to these services, Sojo Spa also offers salon services such as haircuts, blowouts, manicures, and pedicures. Our staff members are trained professionals who prioritize their clients’ care and satisfaction above everything else.

To get an accurate pricing estimate on any of these services or packages offered at Sojo Spa How Much? Please refer to our website or call directly to inquire about current promotions and discounts available!

What are some of the best additional services offered at Sojo Spa?

Sojo Spa is acclaimed for its diverse range of pampering and rejuvenating services that cater to every individual’s taste. Apart from offering various spa treatments, Sojo Spa provides several complementary amenities which guarantee an unforgettable experience.

One of the most popular complimentary service available at Sojo Spa is their bathhouse facilities. This includes outdoor pools, indoor saunas, heated hydrotherapy tubs, and a rooftop infinity pool with spellbinding views of New York City skyline. All these luxuries make it one of the largest spas in North America.

If you want something unique, try out Sojo’s Himalayan salt sauna – a rare feature amidst American spa resorts. It promotes internal purification along with relaxing your muscles and soothing sore joints. The ice therapy room where visitors immerse themselves into freezing-cold air helps blood circulation leaving skin refreshed.

In addition to all this, customers can enjoy massages ranging from Swedish Massage to Deep Tissue Therapy tailored specifically based on choice or requirements. Not only does Sojo keep you relaxed during your session but continuously caters throughout by providing exotic teas and fruit platters while resting between treatment sessions

“The prices compared to other Spas in Hudson have made many wonder if they charge more for the value provided. “

All things considered SoJo Spa How Much? offers immense scope and benefits within suitable pricing making it one reason not to miss experiencing once!

Sojo Spa Membership

If you’re a frequent visitor of Sojo Spa, it might be worth considering a membership to save money in the long run. So how much does a membership cost?

“Our memberships start at $250 per month, ” says the front desk representative.

The monthly package includes unlimited access to all spa amenities, including saunas, hot tubs, and cold plunges. You’ll also receive discounts on services like massages and facials. Plus, members are eligible for exclusive perks such as priority booking and complimentary beverages.

If you’re planning to visit multiple times per month or want to take advantage of different treatments regularly, investing in a membership can be an economical option. However, if you only plan to go once or twice, purchasing individual day passes may be more suitable.

To sign up for a Sojo Spa membership, simply speak with someone at the front desk about available options and prices. You can pay by credit card or cash, with automatic billing each month so that your membership stays current without any additional hassle.

How can Sojo Spa Membership save you money?

If you are frequent visitor of Sojo Spa, purchasing a membership will be economical for you in the long run. By becoming a member, you not only attain benefits but also save bucks on every visit.

The pricing of their various memberships is reason enough to opt-in as soon as possible. They have different plans starting from $60 per month and going up to $1, 000 annually depending upon how frequently or infrequently one visits the spa. Also, these packages give access to exclusive deals that are bound to uplift your experience at the location.

“Regular entrance rate starts from $55 each day – this means if you plan on visiting more than once monthly (and planning to dine), it’s worth considering taking advantage of their regular membership offer… ”

In addition to discounted entrance fee rates for members, they get added privileges such as special invites for re-opening after significant rebuilds following natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Fundamentally what separates them from other spas is that rather than selling add-on services individually; they encourage guests not merely take pleasure in using provided facilities. ”

This modern spa facility provides seasoned professionals with complete physiotherapy solutions who cater better therapeutic needs based on visitors’ personal preferences so they feel rejuvenated & refreshed whenever entering/exiting the doors.

In conclusion, by alleviating some financial stress during tough economic situations through acquiring nation-wide unique wellness opportunities otherwise unavailable represents defeating odds! Look forward being energized again thanks overlooking out options beginning now!

Sojo Spa Discounts

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your next spa visit, you’ll be happy to know that there are several ways to get discounts at Sojo Spa.

The first way to save is by signing up for their newsletter. You’ll receive regular updates about special promotions and deals, including exclusive offers only available to subscribers.

You can also check third-party websites like Groupon or Living Social, where you can often find discounted packages for services at the spa. These sites offer amazing savings of around 20-50% off regular prices.

It’s important to note that these discount providers don’t always have every spa deal out there, so make sure you explore all options before settling in. Always read fine print before purchasing any coupon as it might not apply toward specific services.

The other way customers can score Sojo Spa discounts is through its loyalty program. Simply sign-up and enjoy benefits such as earn rewards points with each visit which corresponds with an amount then use those points towards future purchases.

No matter what avenue you choose when searching Sojo Spa how much? Just remember this after adding taxes tip adds roughly additional 30%. Consider visiting during weekdays where rates vary from $65 – $95 compared weekend fares of $75-$120 (May vary). From therapists’ experience choice of weekday visits allow more room enjoy amenities meanwhile weekends provide a livelier atmosphere.

Where can you find the best Sojo Spa Discounts?

If you want to unwind and relax, Sojo Spa Club is a perfect destination for you. Located in Edgewater, NJ, this spa boasts its multiple amenities such as outdoor hydrotherapy pools, hot stone therapy saunas, and foot massages.

The prices of the services they offer may be on the higher side but fret not! You can still save money by checking out these websites that give amazing discounts:

  • Groupon: This website frequently offers discounted packages for Sojo Spa Club. You can purchase them online and present it upon check-in. Who doesn’t love getting things at a discount?
  • Rakuten/Ebates: Sign up for an account with Rakuten or Ebates and earn cashback on your Sojo Spa Club booking. They also offer exclusive deals every now and then which could help reduce your expenses even more!
  • Honey app: If you’re someone who loves saving time while shopping online, Honey’s got you covered! This browser extension applies coupon codes automatically that will allow great savings.
Always remember to read the terms and conditions before availing yourself of any promo or deal offered online.

This way, you’ll know if there are additional charges or hidden fees associated with it. Visit their official website as well to get updates regarding new promos available so that you won’t miss anything!

You don’t have to spend much to experience luxury relaxation because there are tons of ways to cut costs when planning a trip to Sojo Spa How Much?. With these tips mentioned above plus proper budget planning skills, what was once impossible might just become possible!

Are there any special discounts for students or seniors?

If you’re a student, Sojo Spa offers a 10% discount on admission with valid student ID. We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of our spa experience.

We also offer a senior citizen’s discount of 15% off admission for individuals aged 60 and older. Our goal is to provide affordable prices so that everyone has access to relaxation and wellness services.

“We believe in creating an inclusive environment where all individuals feel welcome. ” – Sojo Spa

In addition to these discounts, we occasionally run promotions on packages and group bookings. Keep an eye out for these deals by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social media!

At Sojo Spa, we understand the importance of self-care and ensuring it is accessible to every individual. That’s why our prices are reasonable compared to other luxury spas in the area. For more specific pricing information, please check our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a day pass to Sojo Spa cost?

A day pass to Sojo Spa costs $60 on weekdays and $65 on weekends. Children under the age of 3 are free, while children between the ages of 3 and 12 can enter for $25 on weekdays and $30 on weekends. Seniors over the age of 65 can enter for $50 on weekdays and $55 on weekends.

What are the rates for massages and other spa services at Sojo Spa?

The rates for massages at Sojo Spa start at $120 for a 50-minute Swedish massage and go up to $420 for a 110-minute bamboo fusion massage. Other spa services, such as facial treatments, body scrubs, and nail services, are also available at varying prices. You can find a complete list of services and prices on Sojo Spa’s website.

Are there any special promotions or discounts available for Sojo Spa?

Yes, Sojo Spa offers a variety of special promotions and discounts throughout the year. These may include discounts for first-time visitors, weekday specials, and holiday packages. You can check Sojo Spa’s website or social media pages for the latest promotions and discounts.

Do the prices of Sojo Spa vary depending on the day of the week?

Yes, the prices of Sojo Spa vary depending on the day of the week. Weekday rates for a day pass and spa services are typically lower than weekend rates. Seniors and children also receive discounted rates on weekdays. You can find a complete list of prices on Sojo Spa’s website.

What amenities are included in the admission fee for Sojo Spa?

The admission fee for Sojo Spa includes access to a variety of amenities, including hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and a rooftop infinity pool. Guests can also enjoy complimentary refreshments, such as tea, water, and fruit. Towels, robes, and slippers are provided for guest use during their visit.

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