How To Empty Lazy Spa Youtube? Get Your Spa Clean in No Time!

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If you own a lazy spa, then you know the importance of proper maintenance to keep it functioning at its best. One crucial aspect of maintaining your spa is draining and refilling it as needed – but how do you empty a lazy spa without spending hours struggling with it?

In this tutorial, we’ll show you step-by-step exactly how to drain your lazy spa using nothing more than gravity and a garden hose. With our simple instructions and tips for making the process easier and faster, you can rest assured that your spa will be clean and ready for use in no time.

“Emptying your Lazy Spa doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming – just follow these easy steps!” – Anonymous

Whether you’re new to owning a lazy spa or are simply tired of fighting with complicated drainage systems, our guide makes the process a breeze. We’ll cover everything from disconnecting hoses to removing the water plug, so even if you’ve never emptied your spa before, you’ll feel confident doing it after reading this article.

Why Do You Need to Empty Your Lazy Spa?

If you own a lazy spa, it is crucial to know the proper way of maintaining and cleaning it. Not only will this ensure its longevity, but it also ensures that you’ll have a clean and safe environment for relaxation.

One thing that owners need to do regularly is empty their lazy spa every now and then. The frequency depends on usage – if used frequently or improperly maintained, water can get contaminated with bacteria from skin cells, dirt, sweat and other sources leading to an unpleasant odour.

By draining your Lazy spa completely before refilling it with fresh water including chemicals such as chlorine Or Bromine which work effectively when added in freshly filled tubs making sure any harmful bacteria or Impurities are destroyed

You don’t want to soak yourself in dirty water!

In addition, it’s essential to empty and refill the Lazy Spa because over time; various minerals build up in the hot tub filter cartridges. Mineral build-up hinders high-pressure jets’ performance by causing them to clog down unnecessarily hence affecting overall functionality — also blocking important parts as well possible leaks may occur resulting excessive running costs.

Taking good care of your lazy spa reaps benefits beyond mere aesthetics as well looking after low maintenance inflatable spas through simple steps can result in efficient functioning longer lifespans healthier more hygienic enjoyable experiences while reducing repair and replacement expenditures as much potential damage could be avoided too. .

Prevent Mold and Bacteria Growth

Mold and bacteria growth can be a real concern if you’re not properly maintaining your Lazy Spa. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to regularly empty and clean the spa.

The first step in emptying your Lazy Spa is to turn off the power to the unit. Once you have done that, locate the drainage valve on the outside of the spa. Attach a hose to the valve and place the other end of the hose somewhere where water can safely drain out without causing any damage or flooding.

Once all of the water has been drained from your spa, it’s time to start cleaning. Start by wiping down all surfaces with a soft cloth or sponge. Be sure to pay close attention to any corners, crevices or hard-to-reach spots where dirt and debris can accumulate over time.

“Regularly maintain your Lazy Spa by using a good quality sanitizer such as chlorine or bromine. “

If you notice any mold or mildew buildup during this process, use an appropriate cleaner designed specifically for hot tubs and spas like Lazy Spa. Follow manufacturer instructions carefully when doing so to avoid damaging any surfaces.

In general, It is recommended that lazy spa should be cleaned every three months; however, heavy use might cause an increase in frequency. Following these simple steps will help keep your Lazy Spa free from harmful bacteria growth allowing for safe leisure activities while relaxing at home! Just remember: safety first!

Remove Chemical Buildup

If you haven’t emptied your lazy spa in a while, there’s likely to be a buildup of chemicals such as chlorine or bromine in the water. This can cause skin irritation and even damage the hot tub’s surface over time. Here are some steps you can take to safely remove chemical buildup from your lazy spa.

Step 1: Drain the spa – Your first step is to drain all the water out of your lazy spa using a hose pipe.Step 2: Wash and scrub – Once the water has been drained, it’s essential that you clean every part of your lazy spa with a mild detergent and warm water. Use non-abrasive cleaning products only; avoid anything too harsh which might scratch or damage the surface of your equipment.Step 3: Rinse thoroughly – After washing, rinse every part of the lazy spa carefully again using just plain water until no soap residue remains.Step 4: Air dry- Allow ample time for air-drying before refilling with fresh clean water suitable for high-quality Spas like this one available on YouTube How To Empty Lazy Spa Youtube? You should never refill right after draining unless you want mold building up internally when moisture lingers unseen beneath detachable components otherwise also be sure not to leave any standing water inside pipes or tubes.

“It’s important always to follow proper procedures in maintaining your home spa properly by removing chemical buildup regularly. “

In conclusion, following these simple steps will help prevent chemical build-up issues from ruining your next jacuzzi bubble bath experience – happy soaking!

What Tools Do You Need to Empty Your Lazy Spa?

If you are planning to empty the water from your lazy spa, there are some essential tools that you will need to make the process smooth and easy. To keep everything organized, you may also want to consider creating a checklist.

The necessary tools for draining your spa include:

  • Pump or Siphon Hose: The easiest way to drain water is by using a submersible pump or siphon hose. These devices remove all of the water quickly and efficiently.
  • Garden Hose: In case you don’t have access to a pump or siphon hose, garden hoses can be used as an alternative means of drainage (although it definitely takes longer).
  • Clean Sponge or Cloth: After removing most of the water, use clean sponge and cloth to wipe down any remaining moisture on walls or floors inside the tub before deflating, cleaning them entirely separately(if not provided in one). This helps stop mold growth and extends its lifespan.

You might also opt for gloves to protect yourself during maintenance activities like exposing filters, which crumble easily when wet. Regardless of whether you’re wearing gloves, always observe safety precautions when handling chemicals and electricity around this equipment.

“It’s important not just completely drain but sanitize/disinfect spa after every drainage so avoid contaminants buildup. “

This advice tells us that we shouldn’t do only half work! Take out time regularly for organizing full sanitization of each part too.

Submersible Pump

If you own a Lazy Spa or any other type of inflatable hot tub, at some point, you’ll need to empty the water. One way to do this is by using a submersible pump.

A submersible pump is an electric device that can draw and pump out large quantities of water quickly. It’s specifically designed for underwater use and allows you to remove all the water from your spa in no time. If you don’t have access to a drain, this is one of the best ways to empty your spa.

To start with, place the submersible pump into the pool and connect its hosepipe to it. Make sure that the end of the hosepipe leads the water away from the lazy spa towards a suitable drainage area such as your garden or lawn. Once everything is set up correctly, plug in your submersible pump into a power supply socket safely located on dry land.

When handling electronics especially those being used in wet environments make sure safety dangers are minimized.– Anonymous

Turn on the Submersible pump; then sit back and watch as it drains every drop of water in less than 30 minutes!

The benefit of using a submersible pump means there’s minimal manual labour involved compared to draining via buckets which could take several hours if not days depending on how large your lazy-spa might be!

In conclusion when choosing between different modes/methods available online (such as manually siphoning off), A Submersible Pump remains arguably one’s most dependable option when cleaning out their Limelight Wireless-Controlled Spa System – just ensure proper usage maintenance for maximum convenience & durability.


To empty a Lazy Spa, you will need a garden hose. If you don’t have one lying around in your backyard, you can buy one on Amazon or at a local hardware store.

Firstly, make sure the power to the spa is switched off and disconnected from any electric supply source.

The next step is to locate the drain valve on your Lazy Spa. It usually sits near the bottom of the pool, sometimes covered by a cap or lid. Once located, proceed to unscrew it with pliers if necessary; keep turning it until water starts flowing through the opening and out into whatever drainage method has been chosen (pro tip: use an upturned plant pot placed under this valve as a filter).

To speed things along clean away all debris built up inside using either some kind of brush/sponge on long pole handle size that can reach down into tight spaces effectively OR consider vacuuming the entire inside before draining such muck out.

“Be mindful not to damage pipes when pushing poles beneath them so they do not break”
Finally, find an appropriate spot outside where excess water can safely drain without causing any damage or erosion issues due excessive amounts being let loose – because there’s plenty between blow-up swimming pools like these! And voila our job here today isn’t rocket science… just requires patience and following instructions laid out above exactly 🙂


A towel is an essential item when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your lazy spa. It helps you dry off excess water after use, wipe down surfaces, and protect the hot tub cover from scratches or damage.

When emptying your lazy spa, using a towel can be helpful in absorbing any remaining water that may linger at the bottom of the inflatable pool. By pressing down firmly with your feet while standing on the towel, you can encourage water to seep out of all the nooks and crannies before folding up the deflated lazyspa.

“Another tip for effectively draining an inflatable hot tub is by watching videos on ‘How To Empty Lazy Spa Youtube?’. Many individuals have shared their experiences on how to drain these units faster and more efficiently. “

In addition to drying off your lazy spa when not in use, there are other maintenance steps you should take to ensure its longevity. This includes regularly checking filter cartridges and chemical levels, as well as keeping debris such as leaves or bugs out of the water.

To sum up, towels play an important role in properly maintaining your lazy spa. They help with absorbing extra residual moisture during the drainage process which can save time and hassle. Don’t forget to check out videos from experts sharing different ways including step-by-step instructions about “How To Empty Lazy Spa. ” Utilizing both tips will aid in having a seemless experience enjoying clean bubbly waters!

How Do You Drain Your Lazy Spa?

If you own a Lazy Spa, it’s essential to know how to empty and drain it once in a while to keep the water fresh. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Turn off your spa and unplug it from the power source.

Step 2: Locate the drainage valve on your spa; usually, it should be at the bottom of your tub. If you can’t find where yours is located, consult the manual or search for videos on Youtube.

Step 3: Connect a hosepipe tightly onto the drain valve before opening it. Make sure that placing your garden hose allows easy draining away from any buildings or foundations.

“Emptying a lazy spa may take one hour if all preparation is made accordingly. “

Step 4: Once you’re ready with everything in place lift up slightly with help (if needed) around two or three times to release air pockets below and allow proper water flow through drainage.

Step 5: Double-check before pulling out this final step! The moment when everything is correctly placed when draining into sewer lines- safely pull off its plug available – so sauvola design accurately drains quicker!

With these simple steps, you can quickly and efficiently empty your Lazy Spa. Don’t forget – regular maintenance after each use will save time and avoid premature clogging issues next time around!

Turn off the Power

If you want to empty your Lazy Spa, it is important that you turn off the power first. This step ensures safety while carrying out other necessary steps.

To begin with, locate the plug and switch it off by pressing down the reset button. The button usually has a red color, so it’s easily identifiable. If there is no such option on the plug itself, go back to your electric box and shut down the breaker for that particular outlet where you have plugged in your lazy spa.

It is crucial to make sure all electrical current comes to a halt as water is an excellent conductor of electricity and creates a potential risk for physical injury.

“Ensuring safety leads to peaceful spa-bathing. “

After following this critical step, let some time pass before going any further – at least 20-30 minutes depending upon how hot or cold that specific part of the tub is currently.

The waiting period allows the unit to cool down if needed because draining extremely hot water causes warping/ damage to different parts of your Lazy Spa.

In conclusion, it can be said that turning off your Lazy Spa will facilitate several tasks required for cleaning purposes. It would be best if you consider turning off not only from plugs but also switching breakers off when possible. Making sure concerning maintenance improves both longevity of usage & peoples’ health beyond measure.

Attach the Hose to the Pump

If you are wondering how to empty your lazy spa, then this is the guide you have been searching for. One of the essential things that come along with a lazy spa is its maintenance, which includes draining it regularly.

To begin with, ensure that all connections to an electrical supply and equipment have been removed before starting the drainage process. It’s always better to be on the safer side when dealing with water and electricity.

Now that everything has been confirmed off let us proceed ahead with our work at hand i. e. , Emptying your Lazy Spa indoor or outdoor bathtub efficiently without making any mess or flood around your place.

“It’s important to double-check if any cleaning agents like chlorine have already been added and drained out. “

After ensuring these precautions, connect one end of the drainage hosepipe to your Lazy Spa pump outlet, make sure they are properly connected, so there isn’t any leakage soon after we turn on the system.

The other end of your drain hose should lead straight toward wherever water can flow continuously without causing damage or flooding.

You may use gravitation by placing another container lower than your Lazy Spa inflatable walls or maybe using a garden pipe placed in such a way where gravity will enable water transfer from high level to down below where disposal area of water waste ends up being located.

All done! Your lazy spa should now be successfully emptied and ready for refilling once it gets cleaned and sanitized correctly.

Turn on the Pump and Empty the Water

If you own a Lazy Spa, it’s important to know how to properly empty it. The process is relatively straightforward, but there are a few key steps that you need to follow in order to avoid damaging your spa or its components.

The first step in the process is to turn on the pump. This will allow water to flow through the pipes and out of the spa. Depending on the model of your spa, there may be specific instructions for turning on the pump. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual before proceeding.

Once you’ve turned on the pump, it’s time to begin draining the water from your Lazy Spa. There are several ways to do this, depending on how much water remains in your spa and what type of drainage system you have installed. Some spas come with built-in drain valves, while others require an external hose attachment.

Note: Always make sure that all power sources (heater, blower) are off before draining your Lazy Spa.

If you don’t have a built-in drain valve, you can use an external hose attachment to guide the water away from your spa and into a nearby drain or collection area. Simply attach one end of the hose to your spa’s drainage outlet and feed it into a nearby drain or container. Your Lazy Spa should start draining automatically once you’ve completed this step.

Wait until all the water has completely drained out; then disconnect everything carefully and store them properly as per manufacturer’s guidelines. By following these simple steps – turning on the pump and using an external hose attachment (if necessary) – you’ll be able to easily empty your Lazy Spa without any problems.

How Do You Clean Your Lazy Spa?

A Lazy Spa is an excellent addition to any household, but it requires regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure that you and your family can continue enjoying it for years. Cleaning the spa may seem daunting at first, especially if you are not familiar with the process. However, with some simple steps, you can have a sparkling clean Lazy Spa in no time!

The first thing you need to do is empty the lazy spa before starting on any cleaning processes. This should be done regularly depending on usage frequency or after every use if possible. Here’s how:

“To empty your Lazy Spa, turn off its power source and remove all accessories such as headrests or cup holders. Locate the drain valve usually found near the base of your Jacuzzi and attach a hose for easy draining into a drainage area. “

After this step, use a soft brush to scrub away dirt from surfaces like tiles or using chemicals specifically meant for spas’ cleaning. Be sure also to wipe down seats with anti-bacterial wipes thoroughly.

In conclusion, maintaining good water chemistry levels by frequently sterilizing water through chemical means removes contaminants and keeps hard-water stains from building up inside plumbing lines resulting in expensive repairs or replacement costs incurred later. ”

Scrub the Interior with a Sponge and Cleaner

The next step in emptying your lazy spa is to scrub the interior walls of the tub. You can use a sponge or cleaning brush to do this.

Make sure that you are using a cleaner specifically designed for hot tubs, as other cleaners can damage the material of the tub.

You should also wear gloves during this process to protect your hands from any potential chemicals in the cleaner.

“It’s important to clean all surfaces thoroughly to prevent buildup of bacteria or algae. “

You may need to apply more pressure when cleaning areas where dirt and grime have built up over time. Be careful not to scratch the surface too much while doing this, though.

Once you’ve finished scrubbing down all of the surfaces inside your lazy spa, rinse out any remaining cleaner with water and let it dry completely before proceeding with further steps.

This step is crucial in ensuring that your lazy spa remains hygienic and free from bacterial growth.

Remember: Keeping up with regular maintenance like this will help extend the lifespan of your lazy spa!

Rinse with Water and Towel Dry

If you are facing the problem of emptying your lazy spa, worry not! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to empty a lazy spa through YouTube:

Step 1: Turn Off The Power Supply

Before we begin draining the water from a lazy spa, it is essential to turn off the power supply. This will prevent any electrical hazard that might occur while emptying the tub.

Step 2 : Attach A Garden Hose Properly

The next step in this process is to attach a garden hose properly at the bottom drain valve. Make sure there are no leaks in the connection before proceeding further.

Step 3 : Drain Out The Water

You can now open the drain valve by turning it anticlockwise. Begin draining out all the water in small intervals so as not to damage or harm the tub structure. It usually takes about an hour for all water to discharge completely depending upon its volume.

You can use some blowers if required for forcing hard-to-drain areas towards an opening area like pumps, filters, heaters, etc. , ensuring they’ll be dry when storing them away.

Step 4: Rinse With Water And Towel Dry!

The final step – once every drop has been drained out make sure to rinse lazyspa thoroughly with freshwater; heat & chlorine dissolve inside hot-tubs faster than many owners realize. After rinsing make use of a towel for drying-up rest of moisture left over outside layer within inflatable-type hot tubes.
In conclusion, following these simple steps makes emptying a lazy spa hassle-free and easier than ever before without damaging anything. Don’t forget safety tips like turning off the power supply before beginning the process and cleaning LazySpa thoroughly with freshwater once every last droplet has drained out.

How Often Should You Empty and Clean Your Lazy Spa?

If you own a lazy spa, it’s important to empty and clean it on a regular basis. If your spa is used frequently by several people, or if there are conditions that lead to excessive dirt and debris in the water, then you may need to empty and clean it more often.

A general rule of thumb for how often to do this is once every one to two months. However, this can vary depending on usage patterns and other factors. If you start noticing cloudy water or an unpleasant odor coming from the water, then it’s likely time to give your lazy spa a good cleaning.

To make the process easier, consider investing in a draining pump specifically designed for use with lazy spas. This will allow you to quickly remove large amounts of dirty water without having to manually scoop it out with a bucket or hose.

“Make sure that you follow proper safety procedures when handling chemicals. “

Additionally, be sure to regularly test and balance the pH levels in your spa. This not only helps keep things sanitary but also ensures that users don’t experience irritation or discomfort while using the equipment.

In terms of deep-cleaning solutions, simple household cleaners like vinegar can be effective at removing buildup along the sides of the tub. Just avoid abrasive scrubbers that could scratch or damage any sensitive parts that sit atop your lazy spa’s surface.

With appropriate care and upkeep routines, your lazy spa should provide years of relaxation and enjoyment for anyone lucky enough to dip their toes into its rejuvenating waters!

Every 3-4 Months

If you own a Lazy Spa or any other type of inflatable hot tub, it’s essential to empty and clean it regularly. The recommended frequency for doing so is every three to four months. Not only does this process help keep the water clear, but it also helps prolong the lifespan of your spa.

The first step in emptying your Lazy Spa is to turn off all power sources connected to it, including pumps and heaters. Next, make sure that everyone has exited the spa before starting to drain the water.

To drain the Lazy Spa, connect a garden hose to the drainage outlet on its exterior wall. Make sure that the hose will direct water away from any plants or grassy areas near your house because some chemicals used may harm them when draining down into these regions.

In addition to regular cleaning, consider replacing filters every six months or as needed. Filters play an important role in keeping debris from entering your spa or circulating through its system.

After draining out all of the water completely using a pump or siphon method if necessary, use mild soap and warm water with a sponge or cloth both inside and outside surfaces of your Lazy Spa shell while paying particular attention around crevices like jet nozzles. Rinse thoroughly using fresh water from a hose until there are no more traces of soap left behind.

Finally, let your lazy spa dry under sunlight without turning it back on yet as this can damage motors or electrical components within given time especially summer season disinfect interior surface walls UV rays which help prevent bacteria growth after prolonged periods between uses ensuring optimal hygiene standards at all times

. By following these simple steps outlined here: “How To Empty Lazy Spa Youtube?” regularly maintaining cleanliness plus refreshing changing filters along having organized storage accessories when not utilizing such as cover, storing chemicals away from sunlight exposure can maximize your enjoyment while prolonging your Lazy Spa’s life.

After Heavy Use or Parties

If you have thrown a party or used your lazy spa extensively, then it is important to empty and clean it properly. Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Turn off the heater and wait for the water to cool down before emptying.

2. Remove the filter cartridge from its housing and discard any debris present inside.

3. Attach your garden hose to the drainage valve located at the bottom of your lazy spa.

4. Open the drain valve, turn on the pump (if applicable) and let all water evacuate out of your inflatable hot tub completely.

Note: Be sure to direct this dirty water away from unplanted areas or unprotected outdoor drains/weirs if using strong chemicals i. e chlorine-based products in cleaning up after your heavy use or parties as they may cause harm to these areas.

5. Once emptied out, wipe down the walls and floor with a soft cloth/brush alongside some mild detergent solution – make sure not to splash too much cleaning agent into its system components/platforms such as electrical coils, connectors among others while doing this wiping operation because over saturating them will lead to short-circuit damage/underperformance issues in future uses/Cleaning cycles).

6. Replace all parts that were removed earlier such as Filter Cartridge units, Caps and Air Valves before re-filling with fresh cold water again (as advised).

Overall, by following these few easy steps systematically, you can easily learn how-to-empty-“Lazy-Spa”-by-youtube-video/ tutorial guide online without experiencing any difficulties whatsoever from start till finish stage(s), which will ensure proper maintenance practices in extending your Lazy Spa’s lifespan and saving money overall!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I empty my lazy spa?

To empty your lazy spa, you will need to locate the drainage valve. This valve is usually located near the bottom of the spa. Open the valve and allow all of the water to drain out. Once the spa is empty, you can clean it and refill it with fresh water.

What are the steps to follow for emptying a lazy spa?

The steps to follow for emptying your lazy spa are relatively simple. First, turn off the power to the spa. Next, locate the drainage valve and open it. Allow all of the water to drain out. Once the spa is empty, you can clean it and refill it with fresh water. It’s important to follow these steps carefully to ensure that the spa is properly emptied and cleaned.

Is there a video tutorial on YouTube that can guide me through the process of emptying a lazy spa?

Yes, there are several video tutorials on YouTube that can guide you through the process of emptying your lazy spa. These tutorials provide step-by-step instructions and visual demonstrations to help you properly drain and clean your spa. Be sure to watch a few different tutorials to get a good understanding of the process.

What are the precautions I need to take while emptying my lazy spa?

When emptying your lazy spa, there are a few precautions you need to take. First, turn off the power to the spa to avoid any electrical hazards. Next, be sure to wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves and goggles, when handling chemicals or cleaning products. Finally, be sure to properly dispose of any chemicals or cleaning products according to local regulations.

How often should I empty my lazy spa?

You should empty and refill your lazy spa every 3-4 months, depending on how frequently you use it. This will help keep the water clean and free of bacteria. Additionally, you should perform routine maintenance on the spa, such as cleaning the filters and adding chemicals, to help keep the water clean and clear.

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