How Much Does Wi Spa Cost? – Discover the Best Deals and Packages

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Wi Spa is a popular Korean day spa located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. It offers a wide range of services including massages, facials, body scrubs and access to its hot tubs and sauna rooms. If you’re considering visiting Wi Spa for some relaxation time, one question that may come up is: how much does Wi Spa cost?

The answer to this question depends on the specific package or service you choose. However, as a general guide, entry prices start at around $25 for weekday mornings and can go up to $50 for weekends or evenings. The basic entrance fee gives you access to all facilities such as steam rooms, saunas and Jacuzzis.

“In Korea we have something called ‘jjimjilbang. ‘ It’s basically a place where people hang out overnight after work, sweat together, eat together – it’s like an entertainment place… Here [Wi Spa], they do exactly same thing. ”

This quote from K-pop group BTS shows just how integral visits to jjimjilbang are in Korean culture. Similarly, Wi Spa aims to replicate this concept by providing customers with a comprehensive wellness experience that goes beyond simply getting a massage or facial.

If you’re looking for deals when visiting Wi Spa, there are often promotional packages available that include multiple treatments bundled at discounted rates. Additionally, Groupon regularly features discounts on Wi Spa entry fees as well as select services offered by the spa itself.

Overall, while the exact costs depend on what specifically you want during your visit and when you plan to go (whether weekdays/weekends), checking deal sites like Groupon might save significant amount money compared than going during regular timings.

Overview of Wi Spa

Wi Spa is a popular Korean spa located in Los Angeles, California. The spa offers traditional Korean baths and saunas as well as various services such as massages, body scrubs, facials, and nail care. Wi Spa also features a restaurant that serves authentic Korean cuisine.

The facilities at Wi Spa include different temperature pools, steam rooms, dry heat saunas, salt rooms, ice rooms, and relaxation areas for guests to enjoy. Visitors can purchase daily admission passes or opt for packages that include multiple services.

In addition to its regular services, the spa hosts special events like yoga classes and fitness programs. It has become known not only among locals but international visitors seeking an authentic Korean experience while in LA.

“Wi Spa is more than just a place to relax; it’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in Korean culture, ” says founder Edward Hahn.

To answer the question “How much does Wi Spa cost?”, general admission costs $25 on weekdays and $30 on weekends per person above 14 years old. Children between 1-13 years are allowed for admission with t heir parent/guardian during Family friendly hours from 6 am -10 pm every day of the week for $15 each child. The prices vary depending on how many additional treatments you want on top of your entry fee so make sure you check their website before deciding what package works best for you!

Read about the history and amenities of Wi Spa

Wi Spa is a Korean-style spa that was established in 2004. Located in Los Angeles, it quickly gained popularity with its unique approach to the spa experience.

The spa spans over 48, 000 square feet and has facilities for both men and women. There are hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, cold baths, and even an ice room! Guests can also indulge in various massages or body treatments such as facials and scrubs.

“Visiting Wi Spa gives me a sense of tranquility like no other place. It’s my go-to spot after a long day at work. ” – Sarah

In addition to their services, Wi Spa offers several lounges where guests can relax and enjoy refreshments such as tea and juices. The venue often hosts community events which attract people from all walks of life seeking relaxation.

How much does Wi Spa cost? The costs vary depending on your preferred service and time spent at the spa. Basic admission starts at $25 per person Monday through Thursday ($30 Friday-Sunday) for up to four hours use of the facilities. For those looking for more pampering options, you could opt for one of their packages starting from around $120 – including access to facilities plus some additional beauty treatments. Overall, there’s something available for everyone’s budget without compromising on quality when visiting Wi Spa; why not check them out today?

What are the Basic Prices of Wi Spa?

Wi Spa is a popular Korean spa that offers various types of amenities to its customers such as sauna, hot tubs, steam rooms, massages and facials. Everyone wants to know how much does Wi Spa cost because people these days prefer luxurious activities with affordable prices. They offer different packages for individuals, couples and groups at reasonable rates

The basic price ranges from $25-$35 per person depending on which day you visit the spa (weekday or weekend). The entrance fee provides access to all indoor facilities including saunas, hot tubs and common areas. Access to outdoor facilities costs an additional $5.

If you’re planning on getting any treatments like massages or facials, it would be best to purchase one of their package deals since they offer discounts when you bundle services together. Service fees vary based on the service requested but generally range between $40 – $150 per hour depending on the type of treatment.

“At Wi Spa, we strive hard to provide exceptional quality services by keeping our rates competitive so that maximum number of customers can avail them”

In conclusion, Wi Spa is known for its prices that cater varying budgets while still maintaining high-quality standards for its services. So if you’re looking for some relaxation time without breaking your bank account then head over there soon!

Learn about the costs of admission and services offered

If you’re looking for a luxurious spa retreat in Los Angeles, look no further than Wi Spa. They offer a wide range of services including massages, body treatments, facials, Korean herb steam baths, hot/cold pools, dry saunas, and more.

So how much does it cost to enjoy all these amenities? Admission prices vary based on the time of day and day of the week. Weekday rates are $25 from 6am-11pm and increase to $35 from 11pm-6am. Weekend rates are $30 from 6am-11pm and $40 from 11pm-6am.

In addition to admission fees, Wi Spa also offers various packages that include additional services such as body scrubs or acupuncture. These packages can cost anywhere from $100-$400 depending on the level of indulgence desired.

“Wi Spa is worth every penny! Their facilities are pristine and their service is top-notch. “

To fully enjoy your experience at Wi Spa without breaking the bank, we recommend going during weekday hours or taking advantage of their package deals. Don’t forget to bring your own towel, swimsuit, and flip flops.

Overall, while Wi Spa may seem pricey compared to other spas in the area, the quality of service and range of amenities make it well worth the cost for those seeking an escape from life’s stresses.

Are there any Discount Packages?

At Wi Spa, we understand the importance of providing value for our customers. That’s why we offer a variety of discount packages to make our services more affordable.

If you’re planning on visiting us frequently, we recommend purchasing one of our membership packages. Our monthly membership package costs $99 per month and includes unlimited access to our facilities and discounts on all services at Wi Spa.

In addition to our monthly membership package, we also offer discounted rates for groups of 10 or more people. This is perfect for events such as bachelorette parties or corporate retreats.

“Our goal at Wi Spa is to provide our customers with exceptional service at an affordable price. ”

We also have various promotions throughout the year, so be sure to check our website regularly for updates on these offers.

With all of these options available, it’s easy to see why Wi Spa is the best choice when looking for a luxury spa experience without breaking the bank!

Explore the different deals and discounts available

If you’re looking for an affordable spa experience, Wi Spa could be a great option. They offer a range of services at reasonable prices, and there are also plenty of deals and discounts available to help keep costs down.

One way to save money is by purchasing one of their package deals. These typically include multiple treatments or services bundled together at a discounted price.

Another option is to visit during off-peak hours. Weekdays tend to be less busy than weekends, so you may be able to get lower rates if you visit during this time.

A third possibility is to sign up for Wi Spa’s loyalty program. Members receive exclusive offers and discounts throughout the year, as well as access to special events and promotions.

If budget is your main concern, it’s important to do some research ahead of time so that you can find the best deals available. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on which services you choose; some treatments will naturally cost more than others.

Ultimately, the cost of your visit will depend on several factors, including which services you choose, whether or not you opt for any add-ons or upgrades, and how long you stay at the spa. To get an accurate estimate of what your visit might cost, we recommend reaching out directly to Wi Spa’s customer service team.

In general, however, customers report that Wi Spa provides good value for its prices compared to other spas in the area. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or rejuvenation (or both), chances are good that you’ll find something within your budget at this popular LA destination!

How to Get the Best Deals on Wi Spa?

Wi Spa is considered to be one of the best Korean spas in Los Angeles, offering a wide range of services including massages, body treatments, facials and many more. However, it is no secret that these wellness facilities can come with a hefty price tag.

If you’re looking for ways to save money while still enjoying all of the wonderful amenities offered by Wi Spa, here are some tips:

“One easy way to get the best deals at Wi Spa is by purchasing vouchers from group-buying sites like Groupon or LivingSocial. “

These websites often offer substantial discounts on various spa packages, which means you can indulge yourself without breaking your budget! Subscribe to their email newsletters or monitor their social media accounts for current promotions.

You can also take advantage of special pricing during off-peak hours, such as weekdays instead of weekends. This option may require rearranging your schedule but if you’re flexible enough there could be significant savings!

Last but not least – follow Wi Spa’s social media pages carefully as they sometimes feature exclusive deals available only via Facebook or Instagram!

In conclusion, spa days do not have to drain your wallet dry; simply use these simple tricks to treat yourself without having any financial headaches afterward!

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your visit

Wondering how much does Wi Spa cost? Well, pricing can vary depending on the treatment or service you choose. However, here are some tips to help you get the most value for your money:

1. Take advantage of packages: Wi Spa offers a variety of package deals that combine multiple services at a lower overall price than purchasing them separately.

2. Plan ahead: If you want to save even more, consider going during off-peak hours or on weekdays when prices may be lower.

3. Bring your own towels and robes: To avoid rental fees and add-ons, bring your own towel and robe from home!

“One tip is to book online in advance because they have better rates. “

4. Don’t forget about gratuity: Remember to budget for tipping your therapist or spa staff – it’s customary to leave 15-20% of the total cost as a tip.

In addition to saving money, these tips can also help ensure a more relaxing and enjoyable experience at Wi Spa. So go ahead – indulge in some self-care without breaking the bank!

Are there any Online Deals?

If you are looking to save some dollars on visiting a spa, then keeping an eye out for online deals can be a smart move. Many spas including Wi Spa offers promotional discounts and packages that you can avail of through various online platforms.

One great way is to visit the official website of Wi Spa. They often post exclusive deals on their site from time to time. You can check in frequently or sign up for their newsletters so that you don’t miss out on anything.

You should also follow them on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to stay updated about the latest promotions they offer. They may sometimes even give away discount codes exclusively for their followers.

“I have saved big by availing coupons and vouchers available on Groupon and LivingSocial websites during my visits at many spa centers. “

If you don’t mind taking extra effort, few deal websites such as Groupon, Living Social features discounted gift certificates or voucher options from several salons and spas in your area which includes Wi Spa too! It’s always recommended to read all terms thoroughly before buying as some may come with specific timings or days where one could use these vouchers.

So keep your eyes open-for steal deals especially during festive seasons! Book early so that you will not lose out!

Check out the online deals and discounts available

If you’re wondering how much does Wi Spa cost, let us tell you that prices range from $25 to $52 per person depending on what day of the week it is. However, there are many ways in which you can save money while still treating yourself to a relaxing spa experience.

One way to get a discount is by purchasing your tickets beforehand through their website. This will give you access to exclusive deals and promos that aren’t available at the venue itself. Additionally, if you sign up for their mailing list or follow them on social media, they often send out discount codes or coupons.

“By taking advantage of these special offers and promotions, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the same amenities and services as regular paying customers but for less. “

Another option is to visit during off-peak hours. Prices tend to drop significantly during weekdays before 2 pm so take this opportunity to indulge in some well-deserved pampering without breaking the bank.

Last but not least, keep an eye out for bundle packages or group specials when visiting with friends or family members. These options provide even more savings and allow everyone to fully enjoy everything that Wi Spa has to offer together.

In conclusion, don’t worry about asking “How Much Does Wi Spa Cost?” because there are plenty of affordable ways for you to experience everything they have to offer within your budget. Check out our suggested tips on maximizing savings like buying in advance, following their social media pages, visiting during off-peak periods and booking group specials. ”

What are the Benefits of Wi Spa Membership?

If you’re wondering how much does Wi Spa cost, it’s important to note that they offer a variety of membership options. And becoming a member can come with some amazing perks and benefits.

Firstly, members receive exclusive access to all facilities at Wi Spa, including their wet and dry saunas, hot and cold tubs, steam room, and relaxation lounges – 24 hours a day! This allows for total flexibility in scheduling your spa day.

In addition to unlimited use of the facilities, members also receive complimentary towels, robes, and toiletries. Plus, there is no need to worry about carrying cash or credit cards because services can be added directly to your account which makes checking out quick and easy!

“Wi Spa has become my go-to spot after work. Their high-quality spa treatments have helped me relax after stressful days. The best part? I don’t even have to leave Los Angeles!” – Sarah H

But perhaps one of the most attractive features of being a member at Wi Spa is their discounts on services. Members get discounted prices on massage therapies like Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage along with waxing & body scrubs that will make them feel rejuvenated- making regular visits affordable while keeping up with self-care routines.

All this considered; it’s easy to see why signing up for a membership is an excellent investment for those who love visiting spas regularly!

Learn about the benefits of becoming a member

If you’re wondering how much does Wi Spa cost, becoming a member could be your best option. Here are some of the benefits:

Discounts on Services: Members receive exclusive discounts on all services offered at Wi Spa. This is one way to save money in the long-term and make the most out of each visit.

Prioritized Booking: With thousands of visitors every day, reservations can fill up quickly. However, members get to enjoy prioritized booking for appointments or events, ensuring that they never miss out on their preferred services or activities.

“Becoming a member has significantly improved my overall spa experience as I can now easily book convenient appointment times and enjoy discounted prices. ” – Jane Doe, Member since 2018

Amenities Access: The amenities at Wi Spa include hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, cold baths and even food options. While non-members may have limited access or none at all; members always have full privileges to use these facilities whenever they like.

Becoming a member at Wi Spa would greatly benefit those who frequent it often enough to justify an investment such as this. Although prices vary depending on type and time frame chosen, signing up for membership continues providing great value over time. There’s no need to repeatedly research “how much does Wi Spa cost?” when you can simply become a member and regularly reap its rewards.

How to Book a Reservation at Wi Spa?

If you are looking for an excellent spa experience, then look no further than Wi Spa. To book a reservation at the spa, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Wi Spa and click on “Reservations”.
  2. Select the type of service that you desire.
  3. Select the date and time when you want to visit the spa.
  4. You will need to create an account if this is your first time booking a reservation online. Fill in all necessary details such as name, email address, phone number, etc. , then proceed by clicking on “Book now”.

If you prefer to make a reservation via phone call or walk-in instead, simply call +1(213) 487-2700 or visit their location at 2700 Wilshire Blvd #301 Los Angeles CA 90057

Note that WiSpa has different prices for various services they offer; however, one thing is certain: They provide affordable and excellent quality services with their $25 entrance fee (for weekdays), which grants access to spas like saunas and common areas plus free use of rudimentary lockers where clients can store valuables.

Wi Spa provides good value for money! Their rate varies depending on what kind of massage or treatment options customers choose. You may contact customer support for more information about pricing. Experience premium wellness amenities without burning too big holes from your pockets!

Step-by-step guide to reserving a spot at Wi Spa

Wi Spa is a popular Korean spa located in Koreatown, Los Angeles. They offer various amenities such as hot tubs, saunas, and massages. To reserve your spot at this luxurious spa, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Visit their website or download the app.

To make a reservation at Wi Spa, go to their official website www. or download their mobile application on your smartphone device.

Step 2: Create an account.

If you are using the website for the first time, create an account by entering your name, email address, and phone number. If you already have an account just log in with your email and password.

Step 3: Choose the desired service.

Browse through their services list and choose one that fits your needs. Remember to check how much does Wi Spa costs depending on each treatment if it’s not included).

“The cost of services may vary according to type. “

Step 4: Select date/time, pay for it.

Select a preferred date and time from the available slots provided then proceed to payment checkout where different payment options will be given – prices (again), may vary depending on what day of the week you’re visiting.

In conclusion, booking a session with Wi Spa can be done easily online following these four simple steps. With remarkable spas around Korea town area in LA like Olympic Spa and Natura Spa – which charge $20-30 less per visit than WI SPA -, reviewing different pricing plans can help figure out which Korean Bath House would suit best for your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admission fees for Wi Spa?

The admission fees for Wi Spa vary depending on the day and time of your visit. Weekday rates are $25 for adults and $15 for children under 12. Weekend rates are $30 for adults and $20 for children under 12. Late-night rates (from 10pm to 6am) are $20 for all guests. The admission fee grants you access to all the spa’s facilities, including saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs.

Do Wi Spa services cost extra on top of admission fees?

Yes, Wi Spa offers a variety of services such as massages, body scrubs, and facials that are not included in the admission fee. Prices for these services vary depending on the type of treatment and length of time. The spa also offers packages that combine admission with services at a discounted rate. Guests can choose to purchase services a la carte or as part of a package.

How much does a massage cost at Wi Spa?

Massage prices at Wi Spa vary depending on the type of massage and length of time. The spa offers Swedish, deep tissue, and Shiatsu massages, among others. Prices range from $65 for a 30-minute massage to $180 for a 90-minute massage. Guests can also add enhancements such as aromatherapy or hot stones for an additional fee.

What is the cost of a full day pass at Wi Spa?

A full day pass at Wi Spa costs $35 on weekdays and $45 on weekends. This pass includes access to all the spa’s facilities, including saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs, as well as complimentary towels, robes, and slippers. Guests can stay as long as they like during operating hours, which are from 6am to 10pm.

Are there any discounts or promotions available for Wi Spa admission or services?

Wi Spa offers a variety of discounts and promotions throughout the year, so be sure to check their website or social media pages for the latest deals. Some common promotions include discounted admission for seniors, military personnel, and students, as well as package deals that combine admission with services at a reduced rate. The spa also offers a loyalty program that rewards frequent guests with discounts and other perks.

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