How Do You Clean A Whirlpool Spa Filter? Discover The Ultimate Guide

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Whirlpool spas are a great way to unwind and relax after a long day. They provide a soothing massage that helps anyone de-stress and feels refreshed again. But over time, the spa filter gets dirty, and it can affect the overall performance of your spa.

The purpose of a spa filter is to keep the water clean, removing any dirt, debris, or bacteria from the water. A clogged or dirty filter causes the pump to work harder, leading to an increased energy bill, and polluted water for relaxation. This crucial component needs regular cleaning to ensure it functions optimally.

In this guide, we take you through everything you need to know about cleaning your Whirlpool spa filter. We explore step by step how to remove and clean the filter with materials readily available in your home. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to maintain your spa’s cleanliness without relying on professional cleaning services while enhancing its lifespan.

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Understanding the Importance of Cleaning a Whirlpool Spa Filter

Why Dirty Spa Filters Can Damage Your Whirlpool Spa

A clean and well-maintained whirlpool spa filter is the key to keeping your hot tub water healthy, crystal clear, and free from impurities. However, if you neglect cleaning your whirlpool spa filter regularly, it can lead to potential health hazards and damage to the spa itself.

A clogged whirlpool spa filter can restrict water flow, resulting in inadequate filtration that increases the chances of bacterial growth. The dirty water may also irritate your skin and eyes, causing rashes and redness. Moreover, when the pump has to work harder than usual because of a dirty filter, it can lead to mechanical issues such as wear and tear or bearing failure.

To avoid these problems, ensure that you consistently maintain your whirlpool spa system by frequently cleaning your spa filters.

How Often Should You Clean Your Whirlpool Spa Filter?

The frequency of cleaning your whirlpool spa filter will depend on several factors, such as usage, water quality, and manufacturer’s recommendations. Typically, it would help if you cleaned the filter every three months under normal conditions.

If you use your hot tub more frequently or have heavy bather loads, you will need to clean the filter more often. It’s essential to check the pressure gauge periodically, and if the reading shows it exceeds ten pounds per square inch (PSI), then it’s time to clean it.

In some cases, a visual inspection may detect accumulated dirt, debris, and contaminants obstructing the filter, indicating it’s ready for cleaning. Nevertheless, regular observation coupled with scheduled cleaning enables an efficient filtration process, prolongs the life span of your equipment, and maintains good hygiene.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Clean a Whirlpool Spa Filter

Step 1: Turn off Your Whirlpool Spa

The very first step to cleaning your Whirlpool spa filter is to turn off the system and unplug it. Make sure that there is no electricity flowing into the system before you start the cleaning process.

Be cautious when turning off the spa as some water may still circulate through the heater, jets, etc. Wait for few minutes before proceeding with cleaning so that the water cools down completely and there are no more electrical currents present in the system.

If your spa has a breaker box or disconnect switch, make sure it is turned off too.

Step 2: Remove the Filter

To remove the spa filter, locate the access panel on the exterior of your unit. Generally, this panel houses the pump systems, control equipment, and filters. Once you find the correct place where your filter is located, unscrew the cap or use any necessary tools needed to reach the filter compartment.

Carefully remove the dirty filter cartridge from its housing or flange (the ring around it). Slowly extract the filter while being mindful not to spill accumulated debris or dirt back into the tub.

Rinse off large chunks of debris and filth within a trash can before disposing of properly. After almost all the waste material has been removed, clean out the interior spaces of the spa filter’s plastic housing as well using another clean cloth, brush or tool performing only mild surface-level scrubbing motions carefully.

Methods for Cleaning a Whirlpool Spa Filter

Method 1: Rinse the Filter with a Hose

Rinsing the filter regularly is important to keep your whirlpool spa running smoothly. Start by ensuring that all power is disconnected from the system before removing the filter.

Clean off any excess debris from the filter’s surface using a soft brush or cloth. Then, use a hose to rinse the cartridge thoroughly on both sides to remove any remaining dirt and grime.It is best practice to spray water in the opposite direction of the normal flow through the filter.

You can repeat the spraying process until the water runs clear. Once you’ve finished rinsing the filter, let it air dry completely before returning it to the whirlpool spa for use.

Method 2: Soak the Filter in a Cleaning Solution

If the filter is excessively dirty due to prolonged exposure to minerals or contaminated water, then soaking it in a cleaning solution will be most effective.

Mix a specialized spa filter cleaner or a gentle dish soap with warm water inside a large container. Next, submerge the filter in the solution and leave it to soak for at least 24 hours.

Afterward, rinse the filter under fresh water to eliminate traces of the cleansing agent, then allow it to fully air dry before replacing it back into the whirlpool spa.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Whirlpool Spa Filter

Tip 1: Regularly Check and Clean Your Filter

The first step in maintaining a clean whirlpool spa filter is to regularly check and clean it. This can be done by removing the filter from the spa and inspecting it visually. Look for any debris, dirt or discoloration that could indicate the need for cleaning.

To clean the filter, rinse it with a garden hose on low pressure and gently scrub with a non-abrasive brush. Be sure to remove all particles from both sides of the filter. You should also consider using a dedicated filter cleaner solution once every few months, which helps dissolve oily deposits and other substances that may have built up over time.

If you notice damage such as cracks or holes, replace the filter immediately to avoid damaging your spa’s motor or pump system.

Tip 2: Keep Your Whirlpool Spa Covered When Not in Use

Avoid excess debris getting into your whirlpool spa by keeping it covered when not in use. Covering the spa will ensure leaves, dirt, and other environmental debris don’t get into the spa water, preventing clogs to the filter and prolonging its lifespan.

You can cover your whirlpool spa with either a traditional hardcover or a more flexible softcover style. Both types are durable and provide excellent protection.

In general, good hygiene habits like showering before entering the spa and avoiding eating or drinking inside can also help keep your spa filter running smoothly and easily maintainable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you need to clean a Whirlpool spa filter?

To clean your Whirlpool spa filter, you will need a few materials, including a filter cleaner solution, a hose, and a bucket. You can buy a filter cleaner solution from your local pool or spa store. You will also need a hose with enough pressure to clean the filter, and a bucket to soak the filter in the cleaning solution.

How often should you clean your Whirlpool spa filter?

You should clean your Whirlpool spa filter every four to six weeks, depending on how often you use your spa. If you use your spa frequently, you may need to clean the filter more often. You should also clean the filter after you have used the spa for a long period, such as after a party or gathering.

What is the best method for cleaning a Whirlpool spa filter?

The best method for cleaning a Whirlpool spa filter is to remove the filter from the spa and soak it in a filter cleaning solution. After soaking for the recommended time, use a hose to rinse the filter thoroughly. You can also use a filter cleaning brush to remove any remaining debris. Once the filter is clean, let it dry completely before re-installing it in the spa.

Is it necessary to replace the Whirlpool spa filter?

Yes, it is necessary to replace the Whirlpool spa filter periodically. Over time, the filter will become worn and less effective at trapping debris. You should replace the filter every two to three years, depending on how often you use your spa. It is also important to replace the filter if you notice any signs of wear or damage.

What are the signs that your Whirlpool spa filter needs cleaning?

The signs that your Whirlpool spa filter needs cleaning include reduced water flow, cloudy water, and visible debris on the filter. You may also notice an increase in the amount of chemicals needed to maintain the water quality. If you notice any of these signs, it is important to clean the filter as soon as possible to prevent damage to the spa and maintain the water quality.

What are the benefits of cleaning your Whirlpool spa filter regularly?

Regularly cleaning your Whirlpool spa filter can help maintain the water quality, reduce the amount of chemicals needed, and extend the life of your spa. It can also help prevent damage to the spa caused by clogged or dirty filters. By cleaning the filter regularly, you can ensure that your spa is always ready for use and that the water is clean and clear.

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