Discover the Status of Qua Spa in Las Vegas – Is It Open?

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Welcome to our blog where we explore the status of Qua Spa in Las Vegas and whether it is open or not. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people are unsure if their favorite spas are operating or not. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the status of Qua Spa in Las Vegas and what to expect when you arrive.

Las Vegas is a city known for its luxurious spas, and Qua Spa is one of the most popular ones in town. However, the pandemic has had a significant impact on businesses worldwide, including spas. Many people are wondering if Qua Spa has reopened and what safety measures they have put in place. In this article, we will answer all your questions and provide you with the latest updates.

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas and wondering if Qua Spa is open? Look no further. Our comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. From location and hours of operation to top treatments and reviews, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Qua Spa in Las Vegas.

COVID-19 Update: Qua Spa Las Vegas

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes in the way businesses operate, and the spa industry is no exception. Qua Spa in Las Vegas has put in place several health and safety measures to ensure that guests can relax and rejuvenate without worrying about the virus.

One of the primary measures taken by Qua Spa is regular sanitization of high-touch areas such as door handles, treatment tables, and equipment. The spa also has a mask mandate in place, requiring all guests and staff to wear masks at all times.

Qua Spa has also implemented social distancing measures, including reduced capacity in the waiting area and treatment rooms, and staggered appointment times to ensure guests do not cross paths with each other. Additionally, the spa offers contactless payment options to minimize physical contact.

Guests are required to fill out a COVID-19 health questionnaire prior to their appointment to ensure that they do not have any symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-1Qua Spa also takes the temperature of all guests and staff upon arrival.

With these measures in place, Qua Spa Las Vegas is committed to providing guests with a relaxing and safe spa experience. If you’re looking to unwind and pamper yourself, book an appointment at Qua Spa today!

Qua Spa’s Health and Safety Measures Amid COVID-19

Measures taken by Qua Spa:Details:
Masks requiredAll employees and guests must wear masks at all times while in the spa.
Social distancing enforcedQua Spa has reduced the number of guests allowed in the spa at any given time to allow for social distancing.
Enhanced cleaning proceduresThe spa has increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces and equipment.
Temperature checksAll guests and employees are required to undergo a temperature check upon entry to the spa.

Qua Spa takes the health and safety of its guests and employees very seriously. In addition to the measures outlined above, the spa has also implemented other protocols in accordance with state and local guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Book your appointment today and experience the luxurious treatments Qua Spa has to offer with peace of mind.

Booking Policy Changes Due to COVID-19

New Cancellation Policy: Qua Spa has updated its cancellation policy to provide more flexibility during these uncertain times. Guests can now cancel their appointments up to 24 hours before the scheduled time without penalty.

Virtual Check-in: To reduce in-person interactions, Qua Spa has implemented a virtual check-in system. Guests can check-in for their appointments via text message or by scanning a QR code upon arrival.

Limited Capacity: In accordance with local guidelines, Qua Spa has reduced its capacity to ensure social distancing. Guests are encouraged to book their appointments in advance to secure their preferred date and time.

Mask Requirement: Guests are required to wear masks during their entire visit at Qua Spa. Staff members will also be wearing masks and following all necessary safety protocols to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Contactless Payment: Qua Spa has also implemented contactless payment options to minimize physical contact during checkout. Guests can pay for their services using a credit card on file or by using contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

COVID-19 Impact on Qua Spa’s Menu Offerings

The pandemic has forced Qua Spa to adapt and make some changes to its menu offerings to ensure the safety of its guests and staff. As a result, some treatments and services have been temporarily suspended or modified.

Limited capacity: To comply with social distancing guidelines, Qua Spa has reduced the number of guests allowed in the spa at a time, resulting in a more intimate and exclusive experience.

Modifications to treatments: Some treatments that require close contact, such as facials, have been temporarily suspended. However, the spa has added new treatments, including wellness therapies that aim to boost the immune system.

Sanitation protocols: Qua Spa has implemented additional sanitation protocols to ensure that all equipment, treatment rooms, and high-touch areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each guest.

Virtual consultations: To reduce the amount of time guests spend in the spa, Qua Spa now offers virtual consultations to discuss treatment options and customize a spa experience before arrival.

Qua Spa is committed to providing guests with a safe and relaxing experience, and these changes reflect that commitment. As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, Qua Spa will continue to adapt and adjust its offerings to ensure the safety and satisfaction of its guests.

Qua Spa Location and Hours of Operation

If you’re looking for a relaxing spa experience in the heart of Las Vegas, Qua Spa is a top-notch option. Located inside Caesars Palace, this spa offers a convenient location for visitors and locals alike.

Qua Spa’s hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 9am to 7pm, and Friday through Sunday from 8am to 8pm. Note that these hours may vary based on holidays and special events.

The spa is located on the third floor of the Augustus Tower at Caesars Palace. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff and escorted to the spa area, which is a tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the casino floor.

If you’re driving to Qua Spa, there are several parking options available at Caesars Palace. The most convenient parking garage is the Augustus Tower Garage, which is located next to the Augustus Tower where the spa is located.

For those arriving by taxi or rideshare service, the spa’s address is 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Qua Spa Las Vegas Address and Contact Information

If you need to contact Qua Spa Las Vegas or visit the spa, here’s the address and contact information:

  1. Address: Qua Baths & Spa, 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
  2. Phone: +1 866-782-0655
  3. Email: [email protected]
  4. Website:

It’s recommended to book an appointment in advance to ensure availability. Feel free to call or email Qua Spa Las Vegas for any inquiries or to book an appointment.

Operating Hours of Qua Spa Las Vegas

Qua Spa is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Hours of operation are subject to change based on the current situation with COVID-1

Advance reservations are required for all services and can be made by calling the spa directly.

Spa amenities, including the fitness center and Roman Baths, are currently closed until further notice.

Guests are encouraged to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment to allow time for check-in and to enjoy the spa’s relaxation areas.

Top 5 Qua Spa Treatments to Experience in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a luxurious spa experience in Las Vegas, look no further than Qua Spa at Caesars Palace. Here are the top 5 treatments that you should experience:

Nobu Nagomi Ritual: This signature treatment combines Japanese hot stone massage, custom facial, and footbath ritual to provide a completely rejuvenating experience.

Roman Ritual: This unique treatment takes you through different hydrotherapy experiences including a Laconium Room, Arctic Ice Room, and Herbal Steam Room. The journey ends with a relaxing massage.

Diamond Perfection Body Treatment: This luxurious body treatment uses a diamond-infused scrub and wrap to exfoliate and hydrate your skin, leaving it looking and feeling radiant.

Qua Signature Hourglass Treatment: This popular treatment combines a full-body scrub, detoxifying wrap, and relaxing massage for a complete spa experience.

Arctic Ice Room Experience: If you’re looking for a unique spa experience, try the Arctic Ice Room at Qua Spa. This room uses snow to cool the air and ice chips to exfoliate the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing massage, rejuvenating body treatment, or unique hydrotherapy experience, Qua Spa has something for everyone. Book your treatment today and experience the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.

The Ultimate Qua Ritual – A Must-Try Spa Experience

Looking for the ultimate relaxation experience? Look no further than the Ultimate Qua Ritual. This indulgent spa treatment is a unique combination of several of our most popular treatments, including a hot stone massage, body wrap, and facial.

The Ultimate Qua Ritual begins with a gentle exfoliation to prepare your skin for the nourishing body wrap. After the wrap, you will receive a hot stone massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Finally, a luxurious facial will leave your skin looking and feeling its best.

Unwind with a Hot Stone Massage at Qua Spa Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a relaxing spa experience, consider getting a hot stone massage at Qua Spa Las Vegas. This treatment is designed to melt away tension and leave you feeling renewed.

The treatment involves the use of smooth, heated stones placed on key points of the body, helping to soothe sore muscles and increase circulation. Your therapist may also use the stones as a massage tool to apply deeper pressure and provide a more intense experience.

At Qua Spa, we use only the highest quality stones and provide a tranquil environment to help you fully unwind. Treat yourself to this indulgent experience and leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Hydrate Your Skin with a Qua Spa Body Wrap

If you’re looking for a luxurious spa treatment that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, look no further than the Qua Spa body wrap. This treatment involves wrapping your body in warm, moisturizing linens that have been soaked in a special blend of hydrating oils and botanical extracts.

During your body wrap session, you’ll lie back and relax while the warm linens work their magic. The heat from the linens helps to open up your pores, allowing the hydrating ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin. Not only will your skin feel incredibly soft and supple after the treatment, but you’ll also feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

If you’re considering a visit to Qua Spa, you may want to read some reviews and ratings from previous customers. Here are five reviews to give you an idea of what to expect:

“Incredible Spa Experience!” – The Qua Spa is an incredible experience. From the moment you walk in, the staff is attentive and welcoming. The services are top-notch and the atmosphere is incredibly relaxing.

“Great Value for the Price” – Qua Spa is a great value for the price. The services are exceptional, the facility is beautiful and the staff is friendly and accommodating.

“Luxurious and Relaxing” – The Qua Spa is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. The facilities are beautiful and the services are exceptional. I would highly recommend this spa to anyone looking for a truly indulgent experience.

“Amazing Massages” – The massages at Qua Spa are amazing. The therapists are skilled and attentive to your needs. I felt completely relaxed and rejuvenated after my massage.

“A Hidden Gem in Las Vegas” – Qua Spa is a hidden gem in Las Vegas. The services are exceptional and the facility is beautiful. The staff is friendly and attentive, making for a truly relaxing experience. I would highly recommend this spa to anyone looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

What Customers Are Saying About Qua Spa Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a luxurious spa experience in Las Vegas, Qua Spa is a must-visit. Customers rave about the tranquil atmosphere, attentive staff, and exceptional treatments. Many reviewers recommend the hot stone massage and signature Qua ritual, both of which leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

One customer wrote: “I had the pleasure of getting a massage and facial at Qua Spa, and I have to say it was one of the best experiences I’ve had at a spa. The staff was friendly and accommodating, and the treatments were top-notch.”

Another customer said: “I’ve been to many spas in Vegas, but Qua is by far my favorite. The Roman baths are a unique and relaxing experience, and the staff truly goes above and beyond to make you feel pampered.”

Customers also appreciate the attention to detail at Qua Spa, from the quality of the products used to the little extras like warm towels and fruit-infused water. Overall, if you’re looking for a spa that delivers a truly luxurious experience, Qua Spa Las Vegas is the perfect choice.

Qua Spa’s Award-Winning Status and Accolades

If you’re looking for a spa that has won numerous awards, look no further than Qua Spa Las Vegas. The spa has received accolades from prestigious organizations, such as the Forbes Travel Guide and the American Spa Magazine.

Qua Spa has been awarded the Four-Star Spa distinction by the Forbes Travel Guide for several years in a row. This award recognizes Qua Spa’s exceptional quality, luxurious treatments, and top-notch facilities.

In addition, the American Spa Magazine has named Qua Spa as one of the Best Spas in Las Vegas. This recognition was based on customer reviews and ratings, as well as the spa’s unique treatments, exceptional customer service, and serene atmosphere.

Qua Spa’s Ratings on Popular Review Sites

Qua Spa Las Vegas has received high praise on popular review sites, with many customers raving about the exceptional service and luxurious experience. On TripAdvisor, the spa has an impressive 4.5 out of 5 rating based on over 1,200 reviews, with customers frequently noting the relaxing atmosphere and talented staff.

Similarly, on Yelp, Qua Spa has a 4 out of 5 rating based on over 500 reviews. Customers have praised the spa for its extensive range of treatments and high-quality facilities, including the Roman baths and Arctic Ice Room.

Qua Spa has also been recognized on Spafinder, where it has received multiple awards and nominations, including “Best for Romance” and “Best for Men.” The spa’s reputation for excellence and attention to detail has earned it a spot on Spafinder’s “Top 10 Casino Spas” list.

Benefits of Visiting Qua Spa in Las Vegas

Relaxation: Qua Spa offers a wide range of spa treatments that are designed to help you relax and unwind. From massages to facials and body wraps, the spa has something for everyone.

Improved health: Regular spa treatments can help improve your health in a number of ways. Massages, for example, can help reduce stress and alleviate pain, while facials can help improve the appearance and health of your skin.

Personalized service: Qua Spa offers personalized service that is tailored to your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of massage or a particular facial, the spa’s knowledgeable staff can help you find the right treatment.

Luxurious atmosphere: Qua Spa’s luxurious atmosphere provides the perfect backdrop for a day of pampering. From the elegant decor to the comfortable treatment rooms, every detail has been designed to help you relax and unwind.

Convenient location: Qua Spa is conveniently located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, making it easy to fit a spa treatment into your busy schedule. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the spa’s central location makes it a popular destination for those looking for a little rest and relaxation.

Relax and Rejuvenate at Qua Spa Las Vegas

Qua Spa is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. With a wide range of services, from massages to facials, body wraps to hydrotherapy, there’s something for everyone. Our experienced therapists use only the best techniques and products to ensure you leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

Step into our luxurious spa and escape the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. Indulge in a tranquil atmosphere, surrounded by soothing scents and soft lighting. Let us take care of you, so you can unwind and let go of all your stresses.

Boost Your Immunity and Well-Being with Qua Spa Treatments

If you’re looking for a way to boost your immunity and well-being, look no further than Qua Spa Las Vegas. Our luxurious spa treatments are designed to help you relax, de-stress, and improve your overall health and wellness.

Our skilled therapists use a variety of techniques and treatments to help boost your immune system and promote healing, including massage therapy, body wraps, and facials. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day of pampering or want to target specific health concerns, our team can help you achieve your goals.

Our treatments are designed to not only make you feel great but to also support your overall health and well-being. From hot stone massages to detoxifying body wraps, our therapies help to boost circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, and promote overall health.

How Qua Spa Las Vegas Can Help You De-Stress

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, Qua Spa in Las Vegas has a variety of treatments that can help you relax and unwind.

One option is the aromatherapy massage, which uses essential oils to help calm your mind and soothe your muscles.

Another option is the hot stone massage, where heated stones are placed on your body to help release tension and increase circulation.

You could also try a facial, which can not only improve the appearance of your skin but also leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Finally, if you’re looking for a truly unique experience, consider the Roman Ritual, which combines a variety of treatments including a hot soak, exfoliation, and massage to leave you feeling completely relaxed and recharged.

FAQs about Qua Spa Las Vegas

Q: What are the spa hours at Qua Spa Las Vegas?

A: Qua Spa Las Vegas is open from 8:00am to 7:00pm, seven days a week.

Q: Is there a dress code at Qua Spa Las Vegas?

A: Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing. Robes, slippers, and towels are provided.

Q: Can I bring my own products to use during treatments?

A: Qua Spa Las Vegas provides all necessary products and amenities for treatments, but guests are welcome to bring their own products if they prefer.

Q: Can children access Qua Spa Las Vegas?

A: No, Qua Spa Las Vegas is for adults 21 years and older.

Q: Do I need to make reservations for treatments at Qua Spa Las Vegas?

A: It is recommended to make reservations in advance to secure your preferred treatment time. Walk-ins are also welcome, but availability cannot be guaranteed.

What Is the Minimum Age Requirement to Enter Qua Spa?

If you’re looking to unwind and relax at Qua Spa Las Vegas, it’s important to know that the minimum age requirement to enter the spa facilities is 18 years old.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we prioritize the comfort and safety of our guests above all else.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening hours of Qua Spa in Vegas?

Qua Spa is typically open daily from 8 AM to 7 PM. However, hours may vary based on the season or holidays. It’s best to check with the spa directly for their current opening hours.

Is Qua Spa open on holidays?

Qua Spa is typically open on most holidays, but hours may vary. It’s recommended to check with the spa directly for their holiday schedule and hours of operation.

Do I need to make a reservation to visit Qua Spa?

It is highly recommended to make a reservation before visiting Qua Spa in order to ensure availability and a seamless experience. Reservations can be made online or by phone.

Are walk-ins allowed at Qua Spa?

Walk-ins are accepted at Qua Spa, but availability cannot be guaranteed. It’s best to make a reservation to secure your preferred treatment and time slot.

What COVID-19 safety measures are in place at Qua Spa?

Qua Spa follows all COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of their guests and staff. This includes regular cleaning and disinfecting of all facilities and equipment, mandatory masks for all staff and guests, and social distancing measures. Hand sanitizer is also available throughout the spa.

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